March 15, 2016

Waze’s 4.0 Update Now Available for Android!

Waze and Android have finally been reunited once again!
Photo courtesy of ShowMeTech!
By Nick K.
Since the dawn of the using the internet for navigation purposes, Google has always been on the top, because, well, Google isn’t a firm believer of finishing second place.

Many competitors, like Apple Maps, Waze, and MapQuest have come into the navigation app market over the past few years. At first, these competitors were hardly a threat to Google Maps, but nowadays these competitors have been navigating to a much more successful future. Not to mention, these apps are hot on Google Maps trail with their monthly updates.

Late in 2015 we talked about how Waze first introduced its 4.0 update for iOS which was a major overhaul for the app. It included a brand new interface, and new features a more enhanced user experience. However, the catch was that the update was only made available for iOS.

Thankfully, Android users no longer have to left in the dark with an outdated app, for the Waze 4.0 update has now been added to Android devices!

Here are some great features in Waze! Photo courtesy of iDownloadBlog.

Now, both Android and iOS, users have access to an upbeat and rather colorful navigation app. Sure, it is no Google Maps, but it does provide users some unique features like making the apps features much easier to access than before.

This includes the app requiring less finger taps to access features like reporting an accident, traffic conditions, and sending a friend directions. The app also includes a more animated interface, providing the cute and adorable animations during navigation. Most importantly, Waze does offer a battery saver option when using the app, which, according to users, has shown a decent change in battery consumption.  

Waze 4.0 is available now on the Google Play Store and Apple Store for free, so be sure to try it out today and be reminded how much fun mobile navigation can be!

Have you tried out the latest Waze update yet? Do you enjoy the latest updates features? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below! 

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