March 23, 2016

Quote of the Month: How to Deal with Stress in the Workplace

“There are three solutions to every problem: accept it, change it, or leave it. If you can’t accept it, change it. If you can’t change it, leave it.”
 – Unknown

By Megan G.

Good day, readers, and welcome to March’s Quote of the Month! We have all dealt with stress-inducing horrors at some points in our lives, and it’s at times like those that I find the above quote so comforting. 

Especially when it comes to your work environment.

Some stressors can be dropped to the wayside easily. For example, bumper-to-bumper traffic can be assuaged by taking side streets. A late bill payment causes you a brief headache, but you can get that fixed relatively easily if you have the funds.

But your job? That’s an entirely different animal.

What makes stressful situations at work even worse is the absence of sympathy. People often feel that being stressed at work is just a normal part of life.

 “Oh, you’re frustrated by your job? Welcome to the club!”

Societal pressures about the value of hard work and a results-focused company culture can make a person feel guilty, disheartened, and even less likely to find a solution to their stressful problem. In the end, they just “deal with it.”

However, there is always a way out of that tepid stress bubble you’ve been festering in. You have the power to make things better! Like the Mysterious Unknown says, it is your job to accept it, change it, or leave it. Take the problem into your own hands and you’ll notice your situation might start to look less grim.

Method 1: Accept it.

First of all, take a deep breath and ask yourself, “Is this my responsibility?” Look—some things in this life are out of your control. Does a new manager have a personality that doesn’t mesh well with your own? Are they changing the phone system so drastically that you have to sit through a webinar to learn how it works?


This can be a hard lesson for control freaks (like myself) to learn, but it’s true! Try accepting the stressor at your job instead of grumbling about change in the hermit hut that is your cubicle. Here are some ways that can help you reach the nirvana of acceptance:

  • Take breaks. We are legally obligated to breaks for a reason, guys. Working all day long without a breather doesn’t do anyone any favors. If you don’t take time for a quiet walk or a power nap, you’ll wear your brain out and stagger your productivity.
  • Cool it on the caffeine. I know, I know; coffee is your lifeblood. But it can also be your downfall if you are one cup away from bouncing through the ceiling. New projects, your chatty coworkers, and that damn car alarm that no one is taking care of will all be a lot less annoying if you’re not hyped up on caffeine.
  • Laugh, you silly goose. Most workplaces allow a little levity, so laugh it up, buttercup! According to LIVESTRONG, there is a link between laughter and the production of anti-bodies and endorphins. See? Even SCIENCE says laughter can keep you healthy and feeling good all day long.

What’s that? You’re still freaking out about everything? Don’t fret, because this is an issue you can change.

Method 2: Change it.

Often, projects seem too difficult or personalities too grating to deal with. You just cannot accept the way that Suzie grinds her teeth when she’s thinking. The end goal of your latest department project is too vague for you to tackle it effectively.

Here’s where open office communication comes in. To promote change in anything, you need to be able to communicate your thoughts effectively. It’s time to explain your side of what’s happening. Here’s what you, your team, and your superiors can do to keep stress levels down—all by keeping open lines of communication!

  • Encourage and give feedback—constantly. When working on a difficult project, you want to be sure you are paired with people who care. Honest feedback and frequent updates are excellent ways to show that you do. 
  • Use visuals. Some people can address a problem better if they have a way to visualize it. This is why video, Infographics, and memes do so well as complements to blogs. It serves as an eye-catching example of what you’re trying to say.
  • Be available. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get a hold of a boss who is never in their office and never answers their emails. However, it is also infuriating to watch people treat communication like a one-way street. To foster open communication, both parties need to remain understanding of each other’s duties and stresses. 

I’m not saying that open, clear communication among colleagues and superiors is easy. Communications wouldn’t be a college major if it was! However, practicing the skills I have listed above will gradually build trust and respect with your team and your company as a whole.

Final Communication Tip: Email sucks sometimes. So do phones. If you really need to work something out with your colleague or supervisor, then talk to them in person.

Method 3: Leave it.

If you cannot accept your stressful situation and cannot change it for the better, there’s only one option left—just leave it.

Perhaps one of the scariest things to do in the working world is get up and leave. Whether that means removing yourself from a project, department, or an entire company, saying “no” is frightening concept—but there are opportunities around every corner.

Perhaps there is room for you to grow elsewhere in a company you love working for, such as an position in another department in which you can still excel. Remember, a fat paycheck isn’t worth a huge emotional toll. If you’re overstressed, you can’t work to the best of your ability!

If a complete change of scenery is what you’re looking for, LinkedIn and the LinkedIn Jobs app are excellent tools for your search. You can set up alerts on the app so new jobs in various industries can be reported to you each day and some companies even allow candidates to apply directly in the Jobs app!

Better yet, if you are looking for work in marketing and SEO, consider eGumball, Inc. during your new job search. Our company has excellent opportunities for growth in sales and customer service.

What stresses you out at work? Tell us your story, and how you dealt with it, in the comment section below! 


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