March 7, 2016

Mobilegeddon Continues: Get Hip or Get Lost

By Justin H.

We’re hip…are you?

Mobilegeddon sounds like something that would end the world but, in reality, it’s a good thing! It represents change, and although many of us resist change, it represents improvement and signifies how we are adapting to the times.

At Tek Shouts!, we have covered Mobilegeddon in all its glory many a time. The latest mobile news further exemplifies the internet’s global shift towards mobile.

So, what is Google up to these days?

Clickable Phone Numbers

Google has quietly snuck a neat little nugget into your SERPs. The tech giant is now apparently testing clickable phone numbers in organic search results on your mobile device.

Adwords has had a click-to-call feature for years, but this is the first time we’ve seen it organically in the traditional results. As you can see in the photo above, it certainly looks to be a welcome addition. It’s like Google knew what we wanted even before we did!

This saves you a few finger taps when dialing a company straight from the results. Anything that saves us time and increases efficiency is cool in my book. Organic clickable phone numbers is ideal for finger tapping optimization.

Granted, this is just an experiment, but it’s hard to envision this feature not catching on.

Google+ is Trying to Join the Party As Well

The controversial social media platform has dropped some news today, too!

Google+’s new feature will help you constantly clear all your Google+ searches in order to help you maintain your privacy. Instead of having your recent searches always coming up as suggestions, now you can start from scratch and avoid all the Googley assumptions!

The new update also includes minor tweaks, such as allowing you to stick important posts atop your profile, as well as some other general bug fixes.

These adjustments have taken effect in the Preview Google+ web version, but we’ll still have to wait a few days until we see them on the Android app.

Privacy is always a hot button topic when it comes to mobile search, so it’s encouraging to see Google+ make an attempt to join the cool kids. Mobile is not exactly Google+’s forte, but maybe this update is a sign of things to come.

Both of these new announcements make you wonder where search and local business is heading. Michael Boland of Street Fight Mag raises interesting points in his piece about the physical world eating the web.

“The physical web can be seen as counterbalance to search volume declines,” Boland said. “As I’ve theorized, Google needs to make up for that slowdown by pushing targeted content to users more predictively, during what it calls daily ‘micro-moments.’”

Boland also opines that the oft-neglected browser is now becoming the beacon interface as opposed to apps. Google’s new additions would seem to backup that notion.

Keeping your business information updated, i.e. phone numbers and Google+ profiles is suddenly more important than it was just yesterday. Let this be a reminder to get hip…or get lost!

What do you think of these updates? Do you think it’s time to start prioritizing the almighty browser? Feel free to start a conversation in the comment section!

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