March 9, 2016

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Google Destinations!

"Come fly away, let's fly away!" Photo courtesy of
 By Nick K.
Spring time is well on its way and what better to rid ourselves of that spring fever by going on vacation? The only problem is, planning where to travel to and how much everything will cost takes a ton of time. Surely there must be a better alternative here, right?

Thankfully, the internet has spoken and our favorite tech giant has answered. Google has created the perfect solution, Google Destinations!

Google Destinations is the latest traveling feature provided by Google that allows users to plan a trip or vacation with the power of their smartphone. So, why not spend the evening planning out your next vacation across Europe or some tropical destination? 

To access the Google Destinations feature the user simply adds the “destination” to their search inquiry in addition to the location they want to visit, (continent, country, state) and boom! The travel package results will include: dates of travel, location average, average cost for hotel, and even airfare cost.  

Sample of Google Destinations in action! Photo courtesy of The Verge.
If the user knows their travel destination already but is not sure what fun activity to do, the user can input a type of activity (sightseeing, an outdoor excursion, or which museum to check out) in addition to their desired destination to help Google create the perfect vacation.

Surprisingly, Google’s reason behind releasing this awesome new feature is mainly because last year Google noticed a 50 percent increase in travel-related inquires on mobile devices alone. That’s the downside of Google Destinations: it’s currently only available on mobile devices and not computers.

That aside, TechCrunch shared some of the exciting features that Google Destinations does provide. This would include having the ability to provide activity suggestions and things to do in over 200 cities across the world. 

In addition, Google has suggested popular destinations which only adds to the excitement of traveling somewhere new. Google Destinations also has an “Explore” tab which provides users with more detailed information about their destination, times when the trendy places are most crowded, as well as predicted weather during your visit.

Google Destinations really has made planning trips, especially spontaneous ones, a reality. Most importantly, Google Destinations takes all of the typical stress and frustration that people have come to expect when planning a trip or vacation. Adventure awaits!

Where are you planning to travel to with the help of Google Destinations? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below.  

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