March 15, 2016

Improve Your Online Marketing with the New Google Analytics 360 Suite

By Lauren C.

The nature of marketing has changed over the past few decades. At one time, we learned about a business by word of mouth or by seeing advertisements for it on billboards and in magazines. In the modern era, we have arrived at a stage where internet marketing has become a dominant force. The marketing needs of small businesses have changed dramatically as digital marketing has become the essential way of making a name for you and your business.

Our mobile devices dictate what we buy in ways we could have never imagined. Simply type into your phone “pizza parlor,” and hundreds of locations will show up, with a digital map showing where the nearest one is and where you can find it. Considering that our modern devices often dictate our decisions, Google decided to launch the new Google Analytics 360 Suite, which is a “set of integrated data and marketing analytics products, designed specifically for the needs of enterprise-class marketers.”

In other words, this nifty tool allows enterprise marketers to fully understand consumer behavior at any given moment and then use that information to make their brands even more useful to the very consumers they are trying to target. As Pawan Divakarla, Analytics Leader at Progressive says, “The Google Analytics 360 Suite gave us the really big ah-ha moment. When we launched our mobile app, it provided insurance quotes. But after looking at the data, we saw people were attempting to buy insurance. So, we shifted our mobile strategy to offer eCommerce. Google gave us that insight.”

Let’s first look at the top priorities need by enterprise marketers. According to Google’s own blog, they are:

1.     An entire picture of the customer journey. Online marketers need to see in full context exactly what’s happening across different types of devices and channels.

2.     The most pertinent insights. Marketers need the best algorithms and computing power in order to make this type of data make sense for them. They need to be able to see insights quickly and simply. Google can provide that.

3.     Allow for better sharing within an organization. Online marketers need to put these insights into the hands of both the business and everyone else in order to make sure other marketing goals are achieved.

4.     Make sure that engaging experiences are delivered to a targeted group of specific people. Using an integration of different Google technologies, Google Analytics 360 Suite also works with other products such as AdWords to allow marketers to change their strategy if necessary.

New Features on Google Analytics

Given the needs of marketers, the new Google Analytics 360 Suite offers a variety of tools that are useful for meeting these goals. Some of these include the Google Audience Center 360, which helps marketers understand their customers more effectively and find more like them across different devices and channels. Another is the Google Tag Manager 360, which is a simplified way for marketers to gather information about a specific site. Finally, another aspect of the 360 Suite is the Google Data Studio 360, which integrates data across all data sources to show interactive reports and charts.

So, are you interested in using the new Google Analytics 360 Suite? The new products that are offered are available in BETA, and businesses and marketers will be eligible to use them in the next few months. So it’s time to start ramping up your marketing game! Use the new Google Analytics 360 Suite and start achieving the goals set out by your marketing team.

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