March 17, 2016

Does anybody know what Google “N” will be named?

The mystery of Android N is still present!
Photo courtesy of The HuffingtonPost.
By Nick K.

Google has quite the sense of humor when it comes to dealing with users. In this case, Google seems to be teasing and joking around with Android users over what exactly the latest version of androids software will be called. 

To follow Androids tradition of naming their software after common dessert treats like Lollipop, KitKat, and Marshmallow, Android now has to name the next update, Android N.
There has been months of speculation by experts, Android fan theories, and many polls taken on which name the next Android OS would have. TekShouts! actually wrote a featured article about some of the common names that Android could possibly use, such as Neapolitan ice cream, Nutella, or Necco.

In recent news, the goliath of search engines has finally spoken announcing that the next update will be called Android: New York Cheesecake. Now, at first glance that sounds like the mystery has been resolved, right?

Well, like I mentioned before, Google does have quite a sense of humor so, if anything, we know for a fact that Android N will not be called New York Cheesecake. In the past, whenever Android announced the in-house codenames for a software update, the final product will rarely actually be called that codename.

For example, many speculated that the software name for Android L would be Android Lemon Meringue Pie, and the final name ended up being Android: Lollipop. Another example was with Android M, while the codename for Android M was Macadamia nut cookie. Clearly, Google likes to play around with long-tail OS name but end up choosing short ones—probably because those sweets troll off the tongue much easier.

Overall, we all can agree that the next Android software update name will be quite a sweet one! It sure would be quite the plot twist, and Google would have the last laugh if they kept Android New York Cheesecakes name through to the launch phase!

What do you think Android N will be called? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below. 

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