March 10, 2016

Customer Question of the Month: How Will a Blog Help My Business?

By Justin H.

The word ‘blog’ does not mean the same thing in 2016 as it did in 2006. Years after it became a standard online practice, the word still has a bit of a negative connotation to it. When you hear the word ‘blog,’ you may think of teenagers going in-depth about the inconsequential details of their lunch, or how their most recent road trip was so life changing.

The truth is, blogging is so much more than that. A well-crafted, consistently-updated blog can now be a tremendous asset to businesses of all kinds! Our Tek Shouts! blog has provided updates on all the goings-on within the marketing and tech industries for not only eGumball customers, but industry experts across the land.

This month’s installment of our Customer Question of the Month series will go a long way towards helping your business in both quantifiable and unquantifiable ways.

How will a blog help my business?

More Website Traffic

It’s not rocket science, people. More traffic equals more customers. More customers equals more money.

More money equals more freedom in your personal and business!

As a rule, your business’ general website will not be updated too often. Surely, you may create new products to sell or come up with new offers from time to time, but your static pages will mostly remain the same over a long period of time.

With a regularly-updated blog, you can add another indexed page to your website every single day. Traditional business websites might have no more than a few pages to navigate, but each blog post stands on its own. This allows you to cast a wider net over the deep blue sea of the internet and scoop up more fish in the process.

Blogging also gives you something to share across all social media platforms. This will help get your business in front of unfamiliar eyes who haven’t yet heard of you, which is the main goal. People who already read your blog will find it on their own, but blogging will bring in an entirely new audience who didn’t realize what they were missing.

Build Trust

What are we without trust?

Your blog will go a long way towards making a lasting impression with your target audience. It serves as a window into your area of expertise. Do you run a successful local coffee shop? Why not explain to your customers what separates a great cup of coffee from a mediocre one? Why not shed some light on the benefits of great customer service in the barista world?

There are an infinite amount of topics you can provide for your target audience, and in one of the more unquantifiable ways of measuring blog impact, it will help you develop relationships with potential and existing customers. If your coffee drinkers understand that you truly know the ins and outs of your industry, they’ll trust you with their palates.

Ways you can do this are by encouraging your readers to engage by asking questions at the end of your posts, conducting polls, replying to all comments you receive, and much more. Establishing relationships with your customers will not only allow them to see what you’re all about, but it will give you better insight into what the customers are looking for.

It’s Free Marketing

Psh! Why even hire a marketing team and a public relations team when you can just have your writers talk you up?

Look at every blog post you create as a long-term marketing asset that adds just another little notch of credibility to your reputation.

You can use your blog for so many things, such as testing out large campaigns before you invest too much time, money and energy into them, bringing attention to a charity event your company is running, marketing a new product release, etc.

If you think your blog will only appeal to casual readers – you’re wrong. Marketing a blog will open doors to salesfolks who need more of an explanation on your services. People who plan on engaging in business with your company will already be on your side after having read your blog. It makes generating sales easier because it skips over the feeling out process since they already know you’re a legitimate industry leader!

All of these aspects of blogging are crucial to running a successful business over the long term. Blogging is not only a proven business asset, but it is also fun! It allows you to share your voice and be yourself. That uniqueness is exactly what will drive more customers to your business, no matter what industry.

Does your business have a blog? If so, how has the blog helped you? Start a conversation below in the comment section!

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