February 29, 2016

Tek This Out: Celebrate Leap Day With a Google Doodle!

Google doodle leap year 2016

By Justin H.

Happy February 29th! It’s everybody’s favorite day of the year and, in case you hadn’t yet noticed, Google is right at the front of the line for the Leap Day festivities.

Amidst all the cliché gifs and photos of people jumping from seemingly every large company and media outlet on the internet, Google has once again gone the extra step and provided us with an adorable Google Doodle.

Below, you can see the progression of this year’s Doodle from its early stages. It was designed by Olivia Huynh.

Google leap doodle sketch

 The second draft introduced a cute little frog...which later turned into bunnies.

 google leap doodle sketch2

As I’m sure you can guess, plenty of folks have been hitting the search engines to find out what the meaning of Leap Day is, because we all forgot since we last Googled it four years ago.

We have one extra day every four years in order to realign our calendar with the rotation of the Earth around the sun. If there were no Leap Day, we’d be off by six hours every year since technically a calendar year is 365 ¼ days long.

A lesser known fact is that Leap Day happens every four years UNLESS the year is divisible by 100. Therefore if you were born on February 29, 1900 and you didn’t live to be at least 101, you would have missed out on a birthday. So sad.

Let’s all make sure not to waste this beautiful bonus day we have been graced with in honor of all those unfortunate, really old people who missed a birthday!

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