February 4, 2016

Superlative Food Delivery for Super Bowl 50

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By Matthew E.

It’s finally here; the one day of the year where everyone and their mother is a diehard football fan. Super Bowl 50, our nation’s unsung holiday, is this Sunday. If you’ve got the biggest flat screen in your group of football fanatics, you’ll be expected to host a party worthy of the celebration. And, if you’re like me, you’ve been putting off getting food for your awesome party until the last possible moment.

But this year is different. Our fellow football fans deserve better than greasy pizza and cheap beer. After all, there are no losers allowed in Super Bowl 50, so why buy the standard poker-night food for the game of the half-century? This year, why not treat your partygoers to some food that’s actually worth eating?

Plan the perfect party with these terrific food delivery services worthy of your Sunday feasting festivities, so you can dine like kings before the coin flips.

Apps That Deliver The Full Nine Yards

GrubHub – When you need food fast, GrubHub offers a straightforward system that’s easy to use. Just type in your address and you’ll be given a list of nearby restaurants. Pick what you want to eat and they’ll bring it straight to your front door. With a fantastic list of filters including pricing and delivery estimates, it’s easy to find what you’re craving and order it fast. Place your order an hour before your party and have all the food you need by game time. Worried about the delivery bill? You can switch your order to “pickup” with ease and grab it yourself.

FoodlerFoodler is another amazing app that’ll save you from doing a food run during halftime. Serving over 4,182 cities, Foodler lets you pick out what food you want and delivers at no extra cost!  Type in your address, browse their full menus, and place your order! Done. You won’t even miss one commercial. Better yet, you can pay with credit, cash, or Bitcoin.  Foodler isn’t everywhere yet, so make sure you have a backup plan if it doesn’t serve your area. 

Those apps are great if Sunday morning comes around and you still haven’t prepped for the pre-game munchies. But, in honor of fifty years of football madness, let’s turn it up a notch and get some classy cuisine for our rabid revelers.  

Game Changing Foodie Websites

Restaurants on the Run – Serving major cities such as Seattle, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Diego, Restaurants on the Run offers a massive selection of restaurants, cafes, and bakeries, providing you access to speedy catering that’ll leave your guests satisfied for the entire game. Sign up with ROTR and you’ll earn reward points every time you order delivery, making this a great service for future events throughout the year. Be sure to schedule ahead for your food to ensure you’ll savor a gourmet meal this Super Bowl, instead of stale chips and flat soda.  

Drizly – Let’s be honest; you asked everyone to BYOB, but we both know that’s not gonna happen. Still, you don’t want your guests to go thirsty! Check out Drizly, a delivery service allowing you to bring wonderful bubbly and booze right to your backyard. Only available in select major cities, Drizly has a simply stunning selection of beer, wine, and liquor that they promise will be delivered within an hour of ordering online. For your designated drivers, Drizly also offers soda, water bottles, energy drinks, and party supplies, allowing you to skip your dash to the store and continue cheering your favorite wild animal to victory.

Foodydirect – If you truly want to go all out—if you want mini football corndogs and a Super Bowl 50 Chocolate Cannoli Cake—there’s only one place to go: Foodydirect. Foodydirect is dedicated to providing fresh, 5-star food for every special event, giving your guests some delightful delicacies to chew on between touchdowns. Be warned: most of their meals come with a hefty price tag, but they pretty much have everything you could ever want to eat, including a terrific Super Bowl menu, so what more do you need? (They also have a Valentine’s Day menu full of chocolatey treats, so you can get ready for the second best holiday of the month). Order ahead of time to get your food for the Super Bowl, or risk another year of stale chips and flat soda.

There you go! Everything you need to surprise your buddies with food and drinks worthy of the biggest game of the year. Whether you’re planning for the perfect gourmet play or pulling a Hail Mary with food delivery, start a new tradition this year by doing something different with your superior Super Bowl grub.

Do you have a favorite food delivery service you’ll be using for your Super Bowl party? Let us know about your preferred apps and websites by giving them a shout-out in the comments below. 

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