February 1, 2016

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Project SkyBender!

Google's Project SkyBenders drones in action. Photo courtesy of  TechGiri.
By Nick K. 

Google has always done its part in creating revolutionary projects and technology. From developing more efficient methods in gathering clean energy via “Energy Kites,” to using flying balloons to provide internet access across the globe with Project Loon

Google has its hands on the thrusters to keep flying forward. However, this time around Google has something very exciting up their large sleeves by working on a secret project called Project SkyBender. The name sounds out of this world awesome.

But what exactly is Project SkyBender?

In a nutshell, Project SkyBender is a secretive project located in New Mexico which is in the process of developing solar-powered drones that will be delivering internet while flying around, according to The Guardian. While The Verge reported that Google is using a test facility that is actually owned by Virgin Galactic. The solar-powered drones themselves will be transmitting wireless information with state of the art millimeter wave technology, which will have the ability to transmit gigabits of data every second.

Google's Project SkyBender drone. Photo courtesy of Ars Technia
Here is the incredible part about these new drones being tested: they will be able to provide lighting fast internet speeds while flying.

How fast will the internet speeds be do you ask? How about 5G fast! There isn’t a confirmed rate as to how fast 5G will be officially, but we can speculate it will be at least 40 times faster than current 4G. Word on the internet is that 5G is the next generation of internet and it isn’t supposed to be available on mobile devices until at least 2020.

Let's take a minute to think about Project SkyBender, flying drones that will provide internet access to you so you will always be connected across the world. Simply incredible to think our world is on the brink of having such a reality.

This new Google project should not come as much of a surprise for Google since they have been flying sky high recently with a number of drone projects. We talked about two of Google’s drone projects, Project Loon, and Google X’s “Energy Kites” program, but other Google drone projects we haven’t mentioned yet include, Project Titan, Project Loon, Project Wing, Energy Kites, and now Project SkyBender.

To add some clarity on Google’s goals for most of these flying drone projects would be to incorporate their research and make these many flying drone projects come to life. Project Titan and Project Wing are both creating high-tech flying drones. 

The difference between the projects is that Project Titan builds a lightweight, solar powered drone, which has the ability to hover in various parts of the stratosphere. Project Wing builds a commercial drone that is more durable and equipped for deliveries, which is starting sometime next year.

According to Digital Trends the difference between Project SkyBender and Project Loon is that Project Loon seeks to add internet across the world, while Project SkyBender seeks to add incredibly fast internet connection to smaller areas at first.

So essentially, for us as the consumer, we will be receiving the best of both worlds; fast internet, and having the ability to access the internet anywhere across the globe. If Project SkyBender is a success then the future will be here much quicker than we hoped, all thanks to those 5G internet speeds!

What are your thoughts on Project SkyBender and Google’s other drone projects? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below. 

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