February 19, 2016

Google has a Puzzling Discovery About Google Ideas

By Nick K.

First, Google rebranded and separated their massive company into Alphabet and its divisions last year. 

Second, Google expanded upon their current project divisions and added quite a few more projects. 

Third, Google revamped Google+, because it still isn’t dead! 

Next on Google’s list, aside from handling the current, controversial privacy issue, Google has been busy rebranding Google Ideas into Google Jigsaw

Quite a puzzling idea and name for sure, yet how appropriate for Alphabet to create that specific name to keep up with the toy theme of the new company, considering Alphabets homepage has toy wooden blocks that fill the page.

What is Google Ideas/Google Jigsaw?

For those who are not all that familiar with Google Ideas, we have talked about it before on TekShouts! Upon much research about the topic, one can discern that it is essentially a division of Google that focuses on building technology that will protect and defend vulnerable populations against potential security threats across the world. The Guardian describes Google Jigsaw’s mission to “use technology to tackle geopolitics.”

The project came about five years ago and it began originally as a think tank for researchers to brainstorm on how technology can benefit those who have access to the internet for the first time. Many societies across the world today are faced with censorship and corruption when it comes to being educated and when accessing the  internet, according to Medium.

Google Jigsaw wants to eliminate this corruption and provide the ability for users to have free access to the truth. The products Google Jigsaw has created so far, like Project Shield, are used primarily to protect user’s personal information. According to Sci-Tech-Today, other issues that Google Jigsaw has been working on include creating tools that deal with the global arms trade, money laundering, terrorism, harassment, and police brutality.

Why the Change?

Google has brought upon this rebranding change to go along with their branding of Alphabet, meaning that Alphabet has a project or service that goes along with each letter of the alphabet. The letter J has yet to be claimed in Alphabet’s list, and the name jigsaw itself might be in reference to a puzzle game. It also “reflects our [Alphabet’s] belief that collaborative problem-solving yields the best solutions,” so said Eric Schmidt via Tech Crunch.  

In addition, The Atlantic mentioned that Google’s rebranding of Google Ideas is not just a rebrand but an expansion of their project. Jigsaw acknowledges the type of world that we live in today, with it being a very complex, seemingly unsolvable puzzle that changes on a daily basis. This applies to both physical challenges and digital challenges for people across the world.

Do you think the rebranding of Google Jigsaw will affect how people perceive Google and Alphabet? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below. 

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