February 12, 2016

Do you have a Date with Destiny this Year?

Destiny is ready for Valentine's Day! Photo courtesy of Metro.co.uk
By Nick K. 

For those who are fortunate enough not to have a date this Valentine’s Day or are still searching for one, the Tek Team has come to the rescue and found the perfect solution. 

Why not make this year extra special by having a date with…. Destiny? As clich├ęd as it sounds, it could be time well spent for those who own a PS4 or Xbox One. Especially because news broke today about a confirmed announcement of Destiny 2 coming in 2017!

After much speculation and rumors about what exactly Bungie was going to do in regards to Destiny, would they just update their current game by continuing to add additional downloadable content, or provide a new game? 

The answer is clear, for now, that Destiny will be releasing Destiny 2. However, there is still a strong chance that Bungie might continue to add additional content, via unpaid downloadable content.

When thinking about this move for Bungie to announce Destiny 2, it is well played for sure considering what has occurred with the company in the recent months.

For starters, the big news that came out of Bungie was that their previous CEO, Harold Ryan stepped down late last month and now Pete Parson’s has taken command of how Destiny will move forward.

Next, if you take into consideration that Valentine’s Day is only a few days away, and Destiny is currently running their Crimson Days weekly event. This is Destiny’s way of celebrating Valentine’s Day in-game, which Bungie has decorated the Tower, “home base,” for players with red banners hanging from buildings, there are rose petals that fill the ground and add a real nice romantic touch.

In addition to the decorations, the types of loot players can receive have a Valentine’s Day theme to them, from players earning pink and red armor shades, to earning chocolate and sparkly red “ghosts” to the doubles game mode, there are plenty of things to go around.

Some of the sweet Valentine's Day loot! Photo courtesy of Releases.com

For those who have yet to fully experience how gratifying the game is, aside from the original campaign story, which we all know fell flatter than week old soda, Destiny has weekly challenges and events that change out the game-modes for players and when holidays come around, so do the decorations for the Tower!

They are nice touches for sure that add to the games appeal and excitement to see how Destiny 2 will shape up. Perhaps there will be a much larger announcement at E3 this year?

In the meantime, for those players who have yet to try out Destiny, we have talked about how gratifying the game plays and feels, and we encourage you to at least try it. Destiny: The Taken King picks up the slack where Destiny’s original game failed, by providing an exciting story, massive boss battles, tons of enemies, and some actual strategy on how to defeat the bosses, instead of just pumping them full of bullets until they die. Sound familiar?

However, If you do have Destiny and The Taken King expansion, there is even more exciting news that Destiny will be providing another massive update coming this year to gameplay, upgraded Light levels, gear, loot, and challenges for players, so be sure to keep a lookout for that update.

So, if you are still without a date this coming Valentine’s Day, then perhaps why not make this romantic holiday the best one yet by spending a day with Destiny and a lifetime full of fun and adventure?

What are your thoughts about the announcement of Destiny 2? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below! 

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