February 10, 2016

Ding Dong, the Wicked Flash Ads are Dead!

Goodbye Flash, and say Hello to HTML5! Photo courtesy of Acodez.
By Nick K. 

Some exciting news broke this morning across the internet that Google will officially ban Flash display ads from their browser later this year! 

We talked about this is fantastic news, not only for web users, but also for those in the tech industry because their lives just got a little bit easier. The days of those pestering and obnoxious Flash ads slowing down your webpages.  

Now keep in mind, even though Flash will be nonexistent, that doesn’t mean ads will also be leaving with Flash. Sadly, ads are here to stay and are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Honestly, it is about time that Flash is no longer going to be supported, since the internet deserves a much better method of advertising like HTML5. In fact, The Verge reported that even the software creator of Flash, Adobe, advised users to make the switch to HTML5 and leave Flash. In addition, already created Flash ads which have been uploaded through the widely popular advertising services such as AdWords and DoubleClick platforms will no longer be supported, or allowed to be uploaded in June.

Down with Flash! Photo courtesy of PC World
To make the slow death of Flash even better, starting January 2017, Flash ads won’t even be able to run on the Google Display Network or use DoubleClick. Take that, Flash! You could call this payback for all those years users had to deal with its annoying, irrelevant ads.    

Much to the consumer’s surprise, this change to HTML5 has been in the works at Google for many years. First, the shift started out with a few subtle changes, with Google changing the format for YouTube videos, which made it easier for advertisers to transition to the new format via a simple process. According to 9to5Google, there are currently three methods to convert your ads to HTML5:

·        Allowing AdWords to do all of the converting work for you.
·        Using Google tools to create your own HTML5 ad
·        Uploading HTML5 ads yourself

I bet that all sounds pretty simple enough, right?

Wired mentioned that HMTL5 products have the ability to work across both desktop and mobile using the same format of programming while Flash required separate and unique code for desktop and mobile. After all, it is truly the little things that make all the difference, even if we are talking about the internet here.

This is a fantastic move for Google and the internet as a whole. Google continues to do what they do best, providing a more accessible and safer place for users across the world. In due time, Adobe’s Flash will be gone—in a flash!  

Are you excited about the ad platform change from Flash to HTML5? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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