February 23, 2016

Apps That Keep Your Safety Charmed on Saint Patrick’s Day

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By Jessie D.S.

March 17th is the day that the whole world goes green—literally. Even those without a drop of Irish blood swimming through their veins don the iconic four-leaf clover and essentially everything they own that is the emblematic Irish green, all while in search of some Guinness, Jameson, Baileys, or some kind of crazy mixture of the three for good olde St. Paddy’s Day.

It’s easy to head out for a night on the town with your main (and only) plan to get home consisting of, “I’ll just make sure I drink responsibly tonight.” However, when you take a step back and truly think about this strategy, there is too much room for error. What is “drinking responsibly,” honestly? 

Do you really know what the scientific difference is between getting home safely, and potentially putting yourself and those around you in danger?

This St. Patrick’s Day, don’t rely on the luck of the Irish to get you home unharmed and sans collateral damage. Make sure you prioritize your level of safety as highly as your degree of enjoyment by recruiting the help of an alcohol-tracking, ridesharing, or breathalyzer-ing apps. These little treasures will surely prove to be your pots o’ gold at the end of this notoriously exciting night out.

Cheers to a Safe Appy Hour


Sure, you may think you know how many drinks you can handle in one night. Your creed may even sound similar to, “Don’t worry about me, I can handle my liquor.” Truth be told, you never truly know what your blood alcohol content (BAC) really is—unless you track it. It’s especially difficult on an evening where the green beer is flowin’ so freely.

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DrinkTracker is an app that not only helps you to record every drink you consume, but it will display your BAC based on your height, age, gender, and weight according to real time—even when the app is turned off. 

Are you clinging glasses with other designated drivers? This handy app will track their BACs too! For $1.99, DrinkTracker will also give you a full report on your current drinking session, which includes the details of every drink consumed and the time left to reach the legal and safe BAC to drive home. 

If you are unable to get home safely, DrinkTracker also has a feature called “Outta Here” that will do just that—get you outta that bar and into a cab home. 

Have A Plan
We all take the time to plan which bars we’ll be visiting for St. Paddy’s Day, but we rarely take the time to draw out the escape plan. What if you get roped into one (or three) too many? What’s Plan B? Do you really know the full effect of the damage you can cause to yourself or others? 

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Have A Plan is an app designed to prevent DUIs by educating bar-goers (and all Irish enthusiasts on St. Paddy’s Day) with the potential outcomes of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated as well as all of the options to get a safe ride home. It was created by The New York State Governors Traffic Safety Committee and the NYS STOP-DWI Foundation.

Have A Plan allows you to track every drink you have consumed throughout the evening, see your impairment level, take a test similar to one that would be given if you were pulled over, record a backup plan to get you home beforehand, and you can even report an intoxicated driver if you see one. You can make the roads a safer place with Have A Plan as your plan of attack.

Safer Ride 

Alright, you’re in a predicament. Irish Car Bombs and the green beer did you in, and you can’t drive home. Not only that, but you did not plan for this—you were dead-set on getting behind the wheel at the end of the night. What do you do? You can barely find your keys at this point.

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Well, Safer Ride has your back because this app will not only get you home safely, but it is purposely oversimplified so you can still comprehend its user-friendly instructions despite your…condition.

Comprised of three buttons including “get taxi,” “call friend,” and “where am I?,” Safer Ride easily links up to your current location and offers you solutions for a safe ride home without jumping through the fiery hoops of an overcomplicated app. Pre-program a reliable friend’s name and number so they can pick you up when you’re in a jam, look up the closest cabs, or find out where the heck you even ended up—just make sure you don’t get in your car. 

Take the safer ride home because this app always makes it available.


Is there anything more accurate than an actual breathalyzer? The problem is, you can’t get ahold of one unless you’re being pulled over by a cop right? Wrong! 

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The Breathometer app, which is supported by Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, and Samsung Galaxy S5, is a pocket breathalyzer that is available to everyone.

Although the Breathometer app is free to install, it does require you to buy an external, wireless device in order for the app to work properly. This portable device, appropriately named Breezetm, costs $79.99 and provides users with accurate BAC readings within seconds. The Breathometer app will also let you know when you are “Back to Zero™,” sober, or will help you get home safely by contacting a cab or an Uber. 

One could say that this app literally gives a breath of fresh air into the St. Patrick’s Day safety initiative. 


Image from  stearclear.com
You can’t drive, you know you need a safe ride—but what about your car? That’s another problem in itself. You don’t want to deal with that ordeal tomorrow. What if you get a ticket? How are you going to get to work? You feel like a real heel right about now—you had to have two more drinks, though, right? Everyone else was doing it! Never fear, StearClear is an app that will get you (and your car!) home safely. 

Download StearClear and call for a driver, as you would for Uber—the difference is your driver will be dropped off at your location. They will then use your car to drive you home, thus eliminating the issue of tracking down your vehicle the next day. Your driver is then picked up by the same transport that dropped them off and they head to their next location. Simple. 

This is one app that allows you to navigate around any roadblocks you encounter during your St. Paddy’s Day—specifically when it comes to leaving your car behind.

Planning for every circumstance is important. When you plot out your St. Patrick’s Day outing this year, make sure you think the entire night through—including a safe ride home. The choices you make when getting behind the wheel not only affect yourself, but they can affect the mothers, brothers, daughters, and friends of those around us. With help from the DUI prevention apps above, hopefully, the roads will be a safer place this St. Patrick’s Day—and every day.

Have you tried any of these apps?  What are your thoughts?  Let the Tek Team know about your DUI prevention app experiences in the comment section below!

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