January 11, 2016

Take a Look Back at 2015's Best Google Doodles

By Justin H.

Today’s Google Doodle was created in honor of Alice Paul’s 131st birthday. If you are in need of a brief history lesson, Paul was the American suffragist who was the driving force behind the passing of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. She was also the main advocate of the Equal Rights Amendment and founder of the National Women’s Party.

Google rolls out a doodle nearly every day, and each typically has a neat back-story just like Alice Paul’s. Today’s example made us wonder, what were some of the most memorable doodles of 2015?

New Year’s Eve was pretty festive.
Because what better way to ring in the new year than by Googling, "what did I do last night?"

St. Patrick’s Day was no snooze-fest in its own right.

 If only one of those green fellas had four leaves.

Google's birthday? Eh, just a few balloons and party hats will do.
That poor penguin looks like he was beyond ready to turn up. Google taught him a valuable lesson in humility and the joys that come from keeping hard at work. Maybe next year, little guy.

Hey, remember that time we found water on Mars?

That is, until he drank it all.

Or when Google found out where the Loch Ness Monster really came from?
 Those sneaky little buggers.

What about on April 14th when all our productivity was sapped by the Pony Express game?
 Go behind the scenes of this little game here!

It was a big year in sports as well. How about that Women's World Cup?

The Americans were able to redeem themselves after 2011's heartbreaking loss to Japan and bring home the Cup. Way to go, ladies!

Google went all out for the Special Olympics, as well.

Over 177 countries participated last year!

Serena Williams may have lost at the U.S. Open, but Google did not!

 Will anyone ever win this rally?

 And of course, it doesn't feel like autumn until football kicks off.

Get it together, 'g.' 

Last but not least, my personal favorite, August 26th's ode to La Tomatina's 70th anniversary.
 World's largest food fight? It's settled. I'm going this year.

What are you looking to see in 2016? Do you have any desired doodles? Let us know in the comment section!

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