January 29, 2016

Google Maps Takes Over Super Bowl 50

By Justin H.

GMOs are all the rage lately for all the wrong reasons. That’s right Chipotle – we’re calling you out!

Here at Tek Shouts!, we care about a different kind of GMO – the ones that aren’t associated with E. coli. For us, GMO stands for Google Maps Optimization.

In case you haven’t heard, Super Bowl 50 is next Sunday in Santa Clara, CA! We are going to examine the real competition within the competition – who is winning the Google Maps Optimization battle at Levi’s Stadium?

If you planned on going to the Super Bowl, you’re in luck because this article will plan your entire trip for you. The Tek Team may not be able to run a sub-4.4 40-yard-dash (I already ate lunch…otherwise I swear I could), but we certainly know how to use Google Maps to find you the best travel arrangements for your football-filled weekend.


Well would you look at that! Just 0.4 miles away is the 4.2-star Hilton Santa Clara. We entered 4-plus stars into the search directory because we aren’t animals. It might be pricy, but for Broncos and Panthers fans, you can’t put a price on watching your team win. You could even watch the game from your room if you’d like.


A little place called Parcel 104 wins this battle. It’s about 1.6 miles away from Levi’s Stadium and would be the perfect place for a nice pregame or postgame bite. It is hidden in the Santa Clara Marriott, and Zagat rates it as one of the best Californian restaurants south of San Francisco. Try the foie gras! Rumor has it that it’s so good it’ll have you dabbin’ like Cam Newton.

However, we’d actually prefer the Tek Cafeteria that may or may not have been named after us. That’s only 0.9 miles away from the stadium as well.

Postgame Hangout

Surprisingly, the “bars and pubs” nearby search only brought up two immediate results. You have Bennigan’s (1.5 miles away) and Lilly Macs (6.7 miles), the latter of which is open until 2:00 AM and received four stars by Google My Business reviewers. They also have live music!

With these options, you could fill your entire weekend without leaving the 2-mile radius. Even the San Jose International Airport is just six miles from the stadium, so that’s also a quick taxi (or Uber if you’re trendy) ride away.

Congrats to the winners of Optimization Bowl I! We’re sure you’ll enjoy lots of traffic for Super Bowl Weekend, both literally and online.

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl, Broncos or Panthers? Do you use Google Maps’ ‘nearby’ feature when planning trips? Let us know in the comment section!

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