January 28, 2016

Give Better Reactions with Facebook’s New Like Button!

Facebook's new Like buttons! Photo courtesy of PC Mag.
By Nick K. 

Facebook is all about positivity, which is why they allow users to “like” posts, comments, and pictures of their friends since its inception. In recent months, there has been an ever-growing amount of chatter filling with the internet that Facebook is working on expanding their “like” options. Rumors spread like wildfires with Facebook users claiming that the social network would release a “dislike” button. Sadly, that has yet to happen and, at this point, probably won’t.

However, Facebook has come up with something even better than just a new “like” or “dislike” button. After many months of testing, Facebook has really gone outside of the box with their new project called Facebook Reactions. This will essentially be a new method for users to interact with one another and change how users create posts. The Facebook Reactions will include a thumbs up, a heart, and five commonly used emoji’s (laughing face, happy face, shocked face, sad face, and angry face).

This is what the new emojis will look like! Photo courtesy of Mashable.

Facebook seems to have adopted the heart emoji from their close friends at Instagram. The expressions Facebook selected are quite fitting, considering those are the types of emotions users experience when looking at shared content on a daily basis. 

These new emojis give users a chance to interact more with each other about shared content, as opposed to simply “liking” everything that appears in the newsfeed. According to Mashable, Facebook has actually been working with sociologists to find out which expressions would be best for users. Who knew that something like selecting emojis would be such an extensive process?

Then again, like we talked about earlier, Facebook is all for positivity and bringing community closer together. Mark Zuckerberg feels that the Like button is an important way to sympathize and empathize with users across Facebook and adding a Dislike button would only go against what the social network represents.  

After all, social media is a very emotional tool and despite an internet filled with vast negativity, Facebook wants to be the positive light and provide joy to users!

How will you plan to use these new Facebook emojis? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below. 

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