January 7, 2016

Customer Question of the Month: Which SEO company is best for my small business?

By Nick K. 

For many small businesses across the nation, there is a strong chance they have been contacted by at least a one SEO company at some point. 

Although it can be quite bothersome having the phone ring with cold calls, that SEO company might be the tool to help your small business succeed. However, the SEO industry is ever-growing and not every company may be the best fit for your small business.   

With that in mind, the real question, since there are so many SEO companies on the market today is, “How do I decide which SEO company is best for my small business?”

One’s initial response to this very common question is to select the first SEO company that contacts you or has the most affordable offer for their services. However, that isn’t the smartest business idea. 

Sure, you are paying for an “affordable” SEO service, but what true value can they really bring to your small business by saying “we can get your business on the first page of Google.” Let’s be honest here, words can only go so far, but unless there are actions to back them up, then your cheaply bought services will end up wasted cash.  
The Tek Team has provided some tips to help you select the SEO company that is perfect for you and your small business.

Do Your Research
We talked about how there are plenty of SEO companies in the market, today. It is important to conduct some in-depth research about the SEO company that is right for you. This would include checking out their website and identifying what exactly the SEO company does best. This could be numerous things, like submitting your small business website to some of the top website directories, using advanced keyword optimization tactics, or even running the most efficient Pay-Per-Click campaign, etc. Know which SEO tactics will be the most helpful for you company’s online presence and then find the SEO company that specializes in those services.  

Identify Small Business Website Needs
Much like doing your research, it is especially important to identify and understand what your small business website needs to improve. Having a clear goal to accomplish in mind will help you sift through the many SEO companies by pinpointing exactly what you need. In addition, it helps the SEO company gain a better understanding of how to get you where you want your small business to be. Plus, trying to fulfill your needs will be an easier method for you and the SEO company to measure success.

Customer Care
Next, you want to be vigilant on how the SEO company treats their customers. If you have a problem or have any questions regarding your account with the company, do you want to be stuck on hold for over 20 minutes only to have your call dropped? Obviously not. If you do have an issue, you would want it to be handled right away.

If you can’t save time using an SEO company, then what are you paying them for? Peruse their customer testimonies on Google My Business or Yelp to see what previous customers have said and look up some of the common issues that happen with particular SEO companies.

In addition, the SEO company should keep the lines of communication open. The SEO company you do select should have a well-developed strategy to help your small business fulfill its needs and the experience to achieve your goals to prepare for a successful future.

Overall and Personal Care
Lastly, how does the SEO company make you feel? Do they make you feel appreciated as a customer and are you seeing results? Hopefully the answers to these questions are positive ones. If not, then you could try another SEO company that is more suited to what you want and need for your small business success.

This is only a small list of items that you should consider before selecting the best SEO company for your small business. eGumball, Inc. is one such company that has plenty of reasons why more and more business owners are trusting in their services, which you can read about on their website. eGumball keeps lines of communication open, offers affordable pricing packages, and has fantastic overall customer care. No wonder eGumball, Inc. is one of the top SEO companies across the nation!

Do you have any question you would like the Tek Team to answer for next month? Please feel free to provide a question in the comments below! 

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