January 19, 2016

CES 2016 Brings Us Innovation and Creativity

Image from iTechnology.

By Nathalie R.

The future of technology is happening now! CES 2016 had the biggest event to date and touched every major global industry, showcasing a myriad of technologies that will enhance lives, making roads safer and changing the way we connect worldwide. This year’s CES has given us a first-hand look at what we can expect  in cutting-edge electronics; from human drones, to transcending high-tech cars, to 8K TVs. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the best technology we will see on the market this year.

EHang 184
Image from Viral-News.gr.

Camera drones have swept the market and have given photos and videos a whole new meaning. But, how about being able to sit inside a drone?

Well, this is exactly what an EHang 184 is. A human drone that, with top speeds of 60mph and a maximum altitude of 11,000 feet, passengers can take off to new adventures and experience breathtaking views. The best part? There will be minimal controls and the drone’s autonomous flight controls will do the rest for you. This makes driving look…very, very outdated!

Chevy Bolt EV
Image from Mad4Wheels.com.

While electric cars have been around for some time now, Chevy has gotten way ahead of the game with their new pure electric Bolt. The new Chevy Bolt EV is built upon its own architecture and features specs that are just mind-blowing. What makes this car so futuristic? 

A range of over 200 miles, 10.2-inch touchscreen that you can customize, and a regen-on-demand paddle that will slow down your car without the brakes (can we get a wow?!).  It also takes less time charging (it can reach 80% within an hour!) and it comes at a reasonable price of $30,000.

Razer Blade Stealth Ultrabook

This is no ordinary laptop. It’s an ultra-portable laptop that offers light weight but delivers a monster performance. Gamers rejoice! Its centerpiece is a Thunderbolt 3 powered dock for desktop graphics and expanded connectivity. 

It also comes in a 12.5-inch screen, 4 USB 3.0 ports, 6th generation core i7, ultra HD at 3840 x 2160 pixels, up to 512GB PCle solid-state storage, 8GB fast dual-channel memory, 4K display and will have a base price of $1,599. Playing your favorite video games wherever you go is simply amazing. Razer Blade Stealth Ultrabook truly sets the standards for ultra-mobility and extreme performance!

Altec Lansing Freedom Earphones

While other wireless earphones still have a cable connecting the earbuds, Altec Lansing Freedom earphones have gotten rid of any cabling and rely solely on Bluetooth and integrated rechargeable batteries. A true “wireless” earphone! Here are some specs: it promised a 6-hour battery life, water-resistant design, built-in GPS tracking (in case you lose them, you can easily locate them), integrated mic, and most importantly, it delivers a five-star sound quality. 

The asking price is set to $150.

Samsung 8K SUHD
Image from Hi-Tech.

Samsung has done it again! Another successful event at CES 2016. They introduced their Samsung 8K SUHD which features 10-bit Quantum dot implementations, Ultra Black technology that delivers clear pictures and reduces the glare, “full 360-degree” designs completely without bezels, built-in Wi-Fi, and is the world’s first and only cadmium-free display that offers the most true-to-life picture quality. 

Finally, we will be able to see celebrities’ imperfections!

There is a catch, though. You may never want to get up from the couch! Even though there is no set price for this amazingly beautiful TV, you can pre-order it starting in March of this year.

As Gary Shapiro, the president and CEO of Consumer Technology Association, said: “At CES 2016 everyone saw that tech is about more than single products and services, it is about improving our world and providing hope for our future. It was awe-inspiring to see ‘tech’ industries meet to brainstorm, partner and collaborate on ways to do business...” CES 2016 had a record-breaking number of attendees, more than 170,000 industry professionals, more than 50,000 foreign industry professionals and more than 3,800 exhibitors who filled the floors with ground-breaking technology.
What was your favorite moment in this year’s CES? Let the Tek Team know in the comment section about what was your favorite piece of technology!

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