December 21, 2015

POLL: What Totally Sweet Name Would You Give Android N?

Image taken at the Googleplex

By Megan G.

In light of all the holiday sweets heightening our spirits and enlarging our waistlines, let’s discuss the buzz surrounding Android N, the next Android OS set to release in 2016.  In case you don’t know, Google names all of its Android operating systems after sugary treats like Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, and so on.  For Android N, what could the new name be? 

It feels like the mysterious Android M was just discussed at Google I/O and, indeed, the fully revealed Android Marshmallow was only released in October!  However, talk of Android “N” is already falling from the lips of the tech world like the chocolate frosting dribbles from faces of toddlers. 

Google is pushing out their operating systems as fast as those chocolates on Lucy and Ethel’s conveyor belt—but such is the nature of the ever-evolving tech world!

A time before mobile tech was even considered, but still as funny as ever.
Image from The Red List.

During a chat in New Delhi last week, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that the company may release an online poll to let users choose the sugar-coated name of the next Android OS.  The Chennai-born CEO is lobbying for an Indian delicacy and urges all Indians to vote and “make (an Indian name) it happen.”  

Come next Christmas, your device might be operating Android Naan! 

Image from Tasty Kitchen.

Or, as suggested by International Business Times, it could be Android Nankhatai, which are delectable, Indian shortbread biscuits.  

Image from a nankhatai recipe video on YouTube.

From developments like the interactive Google Santa Tracker and this possible online poll, Google has been focused on engaging with its users in a more entertaining way.  This gives them a ton of points in the content marketing department, and an online poll would generate a lot of positive attention for the tech giant—people love giving their opinion, after all!   

A Truly Scrumptious OS
The Android OS naming process is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Google news, so it only makes sense to have users join in on the fun!  In case Pichai’s wish doesn’t come true and an Indian dessert isn’t chosen, what are some other options for Android N? 
Tek Shouts! has decided to create a poll of our own to see what our readers think the next OS should be called.  

We’ve gathered together plenty of scrumptious sweets from around the world!  

Create your own user feedback survey

And that was all the Tek Team’s collective brainstorm could muster.  Cast your votes for the best OS title, today!

Did we miss any desserts that begin with N?  Feel free to enter in your own dessert if none of the ones listed tickled your fancy! 

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