December 10, 2015

Innovator of the Month: Darren Pleasance

Image from Bright Ideas.

By Megan G.

Who is Darren Pleasance?

Darren Pleasance is the Director of Global Customer Acquisitions at Google.  He acts as the company’s expert in international customer service, but his goals may be a little smaller than you would expect.  Pleasance’s focus echoes one of Google’s primary goals:  to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) grow through Google products such as search, advertising, and YouTube. 

This Google exec was formerly the leader of McKinsey and Company’s North American Marketing & Sales Practice, as well as the founder of its SMB Practice.  Pleasance is a highly experienced business consultant and marketer who have helped SMBs across various industries with sales marketing, market intelligence, and support.  Now, he helps small business owners across the world through Google!

Fun Facts about Google’s Director of Global Customer Acquisitions

  • Director Darren Pleasance frequently speaks at important forums focused on marketing, sales, and SMB developments.  Just this past year, he has spoken at the Bend Venture Conference and SOCAP, or Social Capital Markets. 

  • Pleasance used to fly for John Travolta and also worked as an Alaskan bush pilot.  Bush pilots usually captain small, customized planes through harsh weather conditions in remote areas.   

Why Pleasance is an Essential Part of the Google Experience

According to an interview with SOCAP Communities, Darren Pleasance treats each Google user with a “lifecycle view”—from “Prospect to High Value Customer.”  Every person who uses Google, whether or not they pay a dime for their services, is a valued customer because of the existing potential each user had to become a paid customer. 

Through this all-inclusive method, Pleasance ensures that every web user has a top-notch user experience, no matter how much money they pay to the tech giant.  Part of Pleasance’s job is to foster “tight coordination” between Google’s marketing, sales, services, and engineering teams in order to create a seamless customer experience and help business owners advertise their products and services across the Internet.

In the same interview with SOCAP, Pleasance details his vision for the future of customer engagement.  He believes that “big data and machine learning” will allow both big and small companies to create a uniquely personal experience for every single customer, despite the fact that companies may be dealing with millions of customers across the globe. 

Pleasance’s vision stays in line with the ever-growing machine learning trend we have been seeing in Google’s latest developments—clearly advanced A.I. isn’t just for ambitious Google moonshots, but also acts as a remarkable tool for customer engagement and experience. 

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