December 8, 2015

Google Helps You Navigate Through the Daze of Holiday Shopping

What’s Your Strategy for Holiday Shopping This Year? Image by Fearless Fashionista

By Jessie D. S. 

It’s the holiday season—so whoop-de-do? For many this means entering the hyperbolic thunder dome of congested parking lots, seemingly infinite lines, and the hustle and bustle of heightened holiday tempers. “If only Christmas could come without ribbons, tags, packages, boxes, or bags!” thinks every eerily silent shopper who has to wait in unbearably long lines.

Sure, this could have been avoided had you stuck to the carefully constructed plan you crafted last year while facing the exact same situation. “Holiday shopping commences in September!” you hopefully exclaimed, “None of this holiday shenanigans next year!” Easier said than done, right?

The battlefield. Image by IT Governance
Luckily for you, Google not only understands what you’re going through year after year—after year— but, they have also seen the horror for themselves through the aggregated data they collected from Google Map users during the “most wonderful time of year.”

How does this help you? 

Well, Google has taken this data and created a shoppers guide to the retail galaxy by compiling an infographic that highlights the peak traffic times for shopping malls, electronic stores, cell phone stores, discount stores, and dollar stores on the busiest shopping days of the year. These are Black Friday, the Saturday before Christmas, and Christmas Eve. 

This data also details when each individual store hits its maximum amount of foot traffic, the best times to take a lunch break, and when you should capitalize on obtaining Tiny Timmy’s new iPad.

Here's the full infographic.

How to map out your attack for holiday shopping. 
Think with Google. Image from

Not enough help for you? There’s more.

Ok, you’re in a store, frantically fighting through the gauntlet of peace on earth and goodwill towards men when you realize that you have no idea where Suzy’s trendy doll of the year resides—or if it’s already sold out.  Oh boy, now you just realized that you don’t have those Doc Martins you promised your daughter who is coming home for the holidays from Villanova. 

This errand just became an epic quest as far as you’re concerned, and it could take hours, or days, to complete.  Deep breaths—Google can help you. 

Deep breaths—Google can help you. Ever heard of Google Shopping? If not, ladies and gentleman, lend me your ears because this app just put the “happy” back into your holidays. Since they launched this Christmas miracle back in 2012, Google has been trying to rid the world of the rampant retail underbelly of the jolliest season one smart phone at a time.

The strategy and tools for smart shopping. 
Google Shopping. Image by Google
Google Shopping allows you to see what’s in stock at your destination before you even leave your home, so you can map out your day more efficiently.

If you have an indecisive kid that claims to only want their two front teeth for Christmas, this app can help you find a gift for them too! The app includes photos of products, descriptions, sales prices, and customer reviews for your potential gift. 

Google Shopping gives you that true in-store experience straight from your mobile device! You can also create your shopping list or a wish list of your own that you can share with family and friends.  

Talk about Santa’s little helper, eh?
The not-so-secret-weapon:
extra-express checkout.
Google Express. Image by Google.

Want to ditch the whole in-store experience altogether? No problem. Google Shopping allows you to sign up for an Express Membership for either $95/year or $10/month, which entitles you to free overnight delivery on eligible orders, shared benefits with someone in your home, and $2 off cold grocery delivery—all that shopping works up an appetite, right?

If you thought that was too good to be true, hold on to your sleigh bells—you get a three-month trial for free. Yes, free.

Go into this holiday season prepared. Thanks to Google Maps and Google Shopping, you now have the tools, the know-how, and the map to guide your shopping sleigh every step of the way. The rest is up to you.

“Have you tried Google Shopping?  What did you think of it?  Let the Tek Team know about your online shopping experiences in the comment section below!”

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