December 18, 2015

eGumball, Inc. Serves Up Their 3rd Annual Ping Pong Tournament

The Final 4 in the Men's and Women's bracket!
The overhead lights were turned on, the net was assembled, and the floors around the table were cleared. There was the smell of new rubber on the ping pong paddles and the echoes of shoes screeching across the floor. Soon, we would all watch the ping pong ball flying back and forth, cheering on our fellow coworkers.

Questions started to arise, would last tournament’s champion, our Creative Manager Ra’ad, dominate once again? Or would a new champion be crowned? Only time would tell.

eGumball’s 3rd annual ping pong tournament was held all week long, from December 14, 2015 to December 18, 2015.

During the week, over 50 employees participated in the companywide event. The tournament included two different brackets, one for men and one for women, which ensured a balanced yet intense competition for all.

Today marks the end of the week-long tournament. The new champions were crowned, Aleyce for the women’s bracket and Marco for the men’s bracket. The final 4 matches for both brackets were entertaining, filled with skilled and fast-paced rallies.

Marco is the new Men's Champion!
One thing’s for sure, there was definitely an exciting and competitive buzz going around the office as competitors tried to gain insights and tips on how to defeat their opponents. More importantly, the tournament fostered plenty of community spirit between all of the employees. The competition was fierce and there were plenty of upsets, including the dethroning of last tournament’s champion in the second round of games.

Aleyce is the new Women's Champion!
eGumball, Inc. is proud to host such a great tournament for the third time in a row. With two brand new champions this tournament, Aleyce and Marco, who knows who will shine through to glory and win the ping pong championship next year? We can’t wait to play, again!
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