December 7, 2015

4 Google Maps Features You Can’t Live Without!

Photo courtesy of  SearchEngineLand.
By Nick K.
It is no surprise that Google Maps is one of the top navigation apps in the tech world. Time and time again, Google Maps is always ahead of the competition in terms of new features and accessibility, but, most importantly, the app is free and has no ads.

Since Google keeps on implementing updates for Google Maps, it is often easy to miss out on some incredibly useful features they have. To save you the time and effort, the Tek Team has created a list of some features you might not know Google Maps has!  

Indoor Maps

Starting off our list is Google Maps’ indoor maps feature. The app has the ability to not assist with street directions, but also navigating the great indoors. This type of feature is ideal for navigating a large outlet mall or shopping center, helping you get around instead of fighting the hordes of holiday shoppers just to find a directory.  

Photo courtesy of Google Maps.
But wait, there’s more! Google doesn’t just stop with malls! The app also has indoor maps for major airports, casinos, landmarks, sports venues, museums, and convention centers. To view the full list of Google Maps’ indoor maps, check out it out here.

Convenient Pit Stops  

The next important feature is the ability for travelers to search for local destinations around you. Many folks didn’t know about how in-depth this feature is for searching for nearby locations, particularly gas stations. 
Photo courtesy of TechCrunch
The near me search tool is already a useful and effective feature to try out when you are traveling in a busy and unfamiliar city. Thankfully, Google Maps has now added an upgraded version of this search by allowing you to search for gas stations in your area that now display the gas price.
So, not only are you able to search for a great place to try out, but Google Maps also includes the prices and locations of gas stations near you. Upon making your selection of which gas station to stop at, Google Maps includes the directions and calculated time to travel to the gas station for you. This will definitely make planning your route to your next destination much less stressful, if you know just where to fill up your tank!  

Avoid Traffic

For those who use Google Maps on a regular basis, this feature might be familiar. Recently, whenever you search for directions, there are many routes that you have the option of selecting. Along with the route selection, Google Maps also includes the traffic slowdowns, whether they be accidents or construction zones, which provides a notification of how long the delay will take you. 

Photo courtesy of Google Maps.
Google Maps also has the option for you to select the fastest route in terms of distance and time. So, with the help of Google Maps, you are able to reach your destination in the quickest amount of time possible.

Offline Mode

Last but not least, Google Maps has implemented the ability for users to download a map on their phone to be used when a smartphone has no service. So, for smartphone users who worry about your phone battery being sucked dry while searching for an unfamiliar area, or fearing the abuse of your smartphone data plan, this feature is the simple solution. In addition, Google Maps allows users to not only download a map of a city, but you have the option to download an entire country’s map! 

Photo courtesy of TechInsider.
The offline mode feature is so in-depth, that once you have a copy of the map on your smartphone, you can use turn-by-turn directions to your destination, all without using the Internet. Talk about some impressive work by Google Maps!

There you have it, four features that you are now familiar with when it comes to Google Maps. Hopefully, next time you are traveling to a new destination, you will feel prepared with the right tools and have a less stressful adventure!  

Have you used these Google Maps features before? Were there any Google Maps features that we forgot to mention? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below!