November 25, 2015

Track the Black Friday Trends With the Help of Google

Photo courtesy of  Forthea

By Nick K.

We are only a few moments away from the official start of the holiday shopping season. A couple of weeks ago, the Tek Team shared some tips and tricks you can use to have an easier time trying to accomplish the daunting feat of Christmas shopping, which were possible all thanks to Google My Business. Google My Business allowed business owners to upload their holiday store hours for web users on Google Search – a small change that can mean a world of difference to users and potential customers.

This time around, Google is taking another step to ensure your holiday shopping experience will be much easier and more enjoyable than in years past, especially for  Black Friday. Google has shared some useful shopping data of the popular times when people actually go shopping on Black Friday, as well as what kind of stores people are most likely to visit.

Photo courtesy of Google's blog

An interesting aspect to point out is the times that people actually go shopping during Black Friday. The average consumer would believe the busiest time to go shopping would be early in the morning or well before noon, but that isn’t always the case. On the other hand, just because the sales seem lower in the morning compared to the afternoon, that doesn’t mean that stores will not be busy or that it will be easy to find that perfect parking spot.

Another interesting point to observe is the amount of shopping traffic that occurs on Thanksgiving Day itself. If you think about it, what else is there better to do after inducing that food coma with your delicious Thanksgiving meal than to get on your feet and walk off those calories. Plus, the sales might be more valuable on Thanksgiving evening, as opposed to waking up in the wee-hours on Black Friday to deal with all that madness and stress.

There’s one thing sure. Google has definitely given their thanks this year by sharing these findings, as well as other goodies on their blog. Google has also created a chart that compares information on the most popular holiday shopping days this season which includes Black Friday, Christmas Eve, and also the last Saturday before Christmas itself.

Be sure to check out this data and be amazed by how shoppers and businesses are affected by Black Friday. Hopefully, this information will help you navigate and plan the best times to score those awesome Black Friday sales!

Are you going shopping on Black Friday or Thanksgiving evening? What do you plan to purchase? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below! 

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  1. Hi Tek Team,
    Its that time of the year again when there is a surge in online shopping. Black Friday is at hand and many ecommerce businesses have geared up to lure customers and visitors with appealing offers and prices!

    Personally, I am more ready into electronics and computer accessories this season. Hopefully, I will get a good deal from vendors.

    Google's approach to the issue is welcoming. At least, visitors have the chance of knowing the best times to shop maximally!
    I left the above comment in as well