November 18, 2015

Is Google+ Finally Worth a +1?

Photo courtesy of Tech.Co
By Nick K. 

"If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” – William Edward Hickson

These words could not be more fitting for Google’s social media platform, Google+. At last, the wait is finally over in what feels like years upon years of waiting for Google+ to perish. Spoiler alert, Google+ is NOT DEAD!

Shame to all of those haters who believed Google+ was a lost cause and that Google wasted their time, effort, and resources on the social media platform. The Tek Team, as well as other fellow Internet communities, still had faith in Google+ this entire time.

Sure, the social media platform did not have much going for it in terms of success, especially when comparing it to the other social networking powerhouses like Facebook and Twitter, but it was still an effective tool for business owners to connect with other businesses and customers.

Google+ was also an effective tool in helping to spread your business name and brand across various Google+ communities, as well as in assisting your business’ page ranking on Google Search. Those reasons alone make Google+ more than worth your time.

Although, many web users felt that Google should have started their social media platform from scratch. Yet, Google was set on putting the rumors and speculation all to shame by redesigning and making the appropriate adjustments to Google+, effectively  putting it back on the right path towards social media success. The “new” Google+ is not something that should come a surprise.

Back in July Google published a blog post providing an update of how it was trying to gather feedback from users and integrate new features, such as Google+ Collections and not forcing users to create a Google+ profile in order to use Google apps.

So, now the question is: What about Google+ is so new?

This time around Google has changed Google+’s main focus to Collections and Communities instead of the old style, where you scroll through pages of status updates and news updates—much like Facebook and Twitter. One thing that’s for sure: the new Google+ definitely has a much more appealing and inviting look to it. Pages are filled with pictures and news updates, which has a very Pinterest-like feel.

According to Re/code, the new Google+ will be based around users and their common interests. In addition, Google+ also gives a strong incentive for advertisers, being that users already categorized into similar interests. Advertising to those interests will be easy, and that’s, a win-win for both the user and the business!

Please feel free to check out much more about Google+ and the latest tips and tricks you can utilize to get the most out of your Google+ experience!

Are you excited for the new Google+? What were some of your favorite features about the previous version of Google+? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below! 

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