November 9, 2015

Check Out the Top 3 Google Updates of the Day

By Lauren C.

Google is always up to something. Over the weekend and this morning, there were several articles which gave us some insight as to what they’re up to next. Though usually we write and expand upon just one in our daily blog posts, there were just too many interesting articles this time to go that route again.

Instead of covering just one Google update, we thought we’d write about our top 3 favorite Google updates this time around. Whether your interests include AdWords, artificial intelligence, or utilizing technology in the classroom, we know you’ll find something here to expand your knowledge base. Enjoy!

Interested in starting an AdWords campaign? The Tek Team has previously discussed why it’s so important to utilize AdWords as a part of your online marketing efforts. If you’re ready to get started, Search Engine Land has some great tips on how to make the best of your campaign. Here’s a couple of examples:

A: Conduct Keyword Research. Don’t assume that you know what customers search for. Use all available sources in order to find the best keywords for your campaign, or it will be a wasted effort.

B: Write Effective Ad Copy. Hire a team if you haven’t already done so to ensure that you write the best ad copy possible. Make sure you do your research to understand exactly what users are looking for, and what catches their eye. Furthermore, always include a unique call to action so users have an affirmative reason to click on your ad.

Just a short time ago, you couldn’t read a sign in another language on Google Translate, or even consider the possibility of a self-driving car. Thanks to advancements in technology, coupled with state-of-the-art machine learning, these are all now possible.

However, Google wants to always continue improving, which is why they utilize TensorFlow. This is a machine-learning system that can run on smartphones or computers in datacenters across the country to make technology, apps, and other things work faster-and more effectively. Just recently, Google announced that they are open-sourcing TensorFlow so there is now universal access to it across different spectrums, and can be  utilized by all engineers, hobbyists, and other people around the world.

This will improve the prospects of artificial intelligence, computer technology for applications, and more. Most of all, the open-sourcing of TensorFlow will help make it possible for people around the world to continue doing what they do best: innovate.

Earlier in the year, Google announced its Expeditions Pioneer Program, which brought Google’s Cardboard VR viewer to schools around the country. In September, they started implementing this program to certain schools and are now expanding it to even more schools in the U.S.-and around the world.

This program will allow students to explore over 120 locations right from their desk, and can be implemented in any geography class, or related curriculum. The kits included ASUS smartphones and a tablet for the teacher, as well as Google Cardboard VR viewers for all of the students.

Are you a teacher who’s interested in signing up for Expedition Kits? Register here to get your set of kits today!

Stay Informed; Keep Reading Google Trends

Find anything that interested you here? Perhaps you saw something better that you’d like to share? Make sure to always read the latest Google headlines from these sources above, as well as other online sources to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in Google news. After all, you never know what algorithm update, latest technology, or marketing tips could affect or help your business!

What Google updates have you read today? Do any of these interest you, or did you find something more intriguing? Let us know in your comments!


  1. I am readily interested on how the TensorFlow technology works. The details here are somewhat sketch. I guess its talks more about artificial intelligence technology to improve learning and I will visit the blog for more details!

    Google has a penchant for open-sourcing its technology ( android readily comes to mind) and its not surprising it is doing so with TensorFlow!
    I left the above comment in as well

    1. Hi Sunday,

      Thanks for your comment, and yes, we saw your comment on Kingged:)

      TensorFlow has been around for awhile, but the fact that it's being open-sourced now is great for innovators, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts around the world.