November 13, 2015

13 Ways to Kill Blog Traffic, in Honor of Friday the 13th

By Justin H.

I heard you wrote this unbelievable blog post the other day that was going to take the Internet by storm. Once inspiration struck, you systematically researched and planned all of your attack points to construct what would eventually be the Holy Grail of blog posts. You read articles, you made outlines, you poured your heart and soul onto the keyboard and once you were done you wrung every meaningless, nonsensical word out of that 2,000-word post like the suds out of a wet bath towel.

And then, no one read it. *plays tiny violin*

But, why?! There’s an endless amount of reasons, but today we’re going to present you with 13. Consider it a checklist of sorts to ensure your next written piece of art is not pummeled into the Internet abyss.

Don’t worry. Jason does not have a personal vendetta against you! With just a little fine tuning, Google can and will love your work.

"You call this a blog? Someone go get my chainsaw."
1. Not Engaging With Others

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: in order to prevent your blog post from sinking to the bottom of the Internet ocean, you must join others who are in the same boat! Comment on some other similar blogs in your niche market, and you it will be well worth your while.

2. Not Having a Niche

That brings us to our next point. It’s great to cover a wide range of topics, but you mustn’t stray too far from your true calling. If an audience can’t read your blog for a couple minutes and immediately have an inkling of what it is that you do, you’re missing the boat, once again.

3. Not Having Strong Content

It’s easy to assume that because you poured your heart into 2,000 words, your blog post is automatically amazing. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. The notion that "content is king" is as true as it gets, so learn how to improve your writing before you publish.

4. Not Having a Solid Social Media Following

You don’t need to have a million followers, but gradually cultivating a loyal group of at least a few hundred followers will go a long way. What you want is quality over quantity. Obviously, having a million followers is great, but what good is it if they don’t engage?

5. Not Using Social Media the Right Way

Perhaps your problem on social media is that you are simply focusing on the wrong outlet? For example, eGumball, Inc. is a marketing company, so our content is not exactly conducive to Pinterest. We bring in more traffic through Facebook and Twitter, where users are more prone to engage with us. It’s also important to implement social sharing buttons on your blog to remind your readers that you have lots of other share on platforms.

6. Your Blog Is Under a Subdomain

There are numerous hosting platforms, such as Bluehost, that are easy to use for your blog. It is important to purchase a domain because it is a huge SEO boost. If your URL reads as, “,” search engines will look at it as a separate website.

7. Your Blog Homepage Doesn’t Have Teasers

As you’ll notice on the TekShouts! homepage, each blog post features a main photo as well as a few sentences to get the reader hooked. The content itself needs to have its own URL, because if you can read the whole blog on one URL, it kills the strength of your content, while also making for a bad user experience.

8. Weak Permalinks

Your URL should feature targeted keywords and be easy to read. It shouldn’t look like a bar code, because that also will destroy your SEO prospects. On WordPress, you can easily edit URLs at the top of the page when creating blog posts.

9. Poor Headlines

A bad headline can turn a reader away right off the bat. Keep it under 75 characters, and make sure it features at least one or two keywords. It also doesn’t hurt to construct titles as ‘how-to’ pieces, numbered lists, or questions. Imagine your headline on the front of a newspaper before you publish it!

10. No Backlinks

Remember all those articles you read to find inspiration for your wonderful blog post? Make sure to include those when you publish! Hyperlinking to other sites will help your rankings, and if you include fellow bloggers in your piece, they’ll be very likely to return the favor.

11. You Don’t Post Frequently Enough

The Tek Team loves utilizing Google Calendar to keep up with all content needs. We have a consistent schedule that we update a month in advance, so every member of the team knows what sort of post they have assigned for the coming weeks! It works wonders, because every single day, we have some gold for our readers.

12. Jason Has it Out For You

Well, it is Friday the 13th. You never know! It’s possible Jason just has it out for your blog, so you’d better get running.

13. You Haven’t Paid Your Dues

Sometimes, the problem is just that you are too new to the process! Rome wasn’t built in a day. If your blog is still in its infancy, you simply need to continue creating strong content and utilizing strong SEO practices, and over time Google will notice. Set small, attainable goals for yourself and grow a little bit every week!

Make sure to implement this checklist, and your blog should make it out of the woods soon enough. We all trip up now and again, but Jason doesn’t run very fast. Consider him your negative energy. The more you post and the more effort you put into cultivating your following, the faster you’ll get away from Jason and into the land of overwhelming blog success.

How have you developed a strong blog following? Let us know in the comment section!

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