October 7, 2015

We Still Use Google+…And We’re Not Ashamed Of It!

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By Justin H.

When Google+ was unveiled to the world back in June of 2011, no one really knew what to expect. With Facebook and Twitter already filling our social media calendars up, was there really any room for another platform? Or was Google+ planning on ending Facebook’s reign as the ultimate peer-to-peer network? There were just too many questions to be answered.

Four years later, we still have one more question: are we even sure Google+ is a social network at all?

Google+ was actually Google’s fourth dip into the social media well. Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect and Orkut all came and went before it, albeit unceremoniously. Were we to believe Google+ would be any different? Probably not.

The important thing is to think of Google+ as its own entity. No, it is not as personal as Facebook, nor is it as trendy and timely as Twitter, but it has carved out its own niche quite nicely. Think of Google+ as the ground floor in Google’s skyscraper.

With 540 million users, it cannot be ignored. Anytime one of those millions of users wishes to go into Google’s building, he or she must go through Google+ first. Here is why that’s not such a bad thing, and why your beloved Tek Team is still beating the Google+ drum.

We have also pointed out how Facebook is pushing to get into the local business market, but you won’t let them win because you’re reading this article on how great Google+ is!

It Works Wonders for a Company/Personal Blog

At Tek Shouts!, we share all of our posts throughout various Google+ communities.
While many posts don’t always generate tons of comments or shares, they do provide a steady influx of traffic. Whether or not your posts are generating lots of comments or reads on Google+ itself, putting your content out there little by little will undoubtedly help your search ranking.

How else can it help? We’re glad you asked!

-          By integrating social media comments on your blog by way of plugins such as Comments Evolved, it enables you to capture all of your blog comments and group them into one place!

-          Google+ now allows you to embed posts, just like Facebook and Twitter!

-          Using hashtags will bring your shared post to a more targeted audience, which will also help you get more +1’s, which in turn will help your post reach more people.

-          You can even communicate with your readers via Hangouts and video chat!

Google+ Affects Your Business’ Rankings on Google Search

No one will ever be able to completely figure out Google’s search algorithms, as they are wildly complicated and constantly changing. One thing we do know is they are built on trust, just like any good relationship.

To get on Google’s good side, a strong Google+ page is a fantastic way to go. Liken it to the flowers you present to your partner on a first date. When you run a business that is active on Google+, it opens up another door for you to engage with customers. Since Google indexes Google+ pages, being present and active on the site will increase your rankings since Google is able to see the positive things people say about your business.

It’s all about building trust. Don’t underestimate how well Google knows you…

It Can Also Do Wonders In Local Search!
Local search is all the rage, because what would marketing be if it didn’t bring you new and returning customers?

Google now lists local search results whenever a user is searching for a product or service. While this differs a lot from organic search results, building up your +1’s and encouraging clients to post reviews on your Google My Business page (which is connected to Google+) goes a long way. When clients post positive reviews for you, it boosts your reputation, which in turn increases your chances of ranking well and developing more traffic. All that just by building a little trust with Mr. Google.

If you’d like to share other things on your page such as inspiring quotes, surveys, new product information, contests, or photos of your employees, these would be great ways to develop your brand and humanize your business.

Customers do not want to be bombarded with demands and pelted with requests to buy things left and right. Counteracting that with content they might find interesting will make you seem like less of a scary (or annoying) business owner, and more like a friend!

The internet is chock full of articles proclaiming that Google+ is dead, but you shouldn’t believe them! You don’t need that kind of negative energy in your life. Google+ can do wonderful things for your business or website, and while it doesn’t care about that status update of the monster Chipotle burrito you had for lunch, it does want to help make you money and grow your online presence!

Do you use Google+ for your business or website? Let us know in the comment section below!


  1. I love and use google+ as my social to connect family and friends in different countries.

    1. Hello Tennyson,

      Isn't it great? Google+ is capable of many different things. Glad it could help you keep in touch! Thank you for commenting.

  2. I've noticed when you push content / links from Google+ pages that we've seen a small uptick in organic traffic for keywords in the past 60 days or so doing this test - Your team see anything like that?

    1. Hello Lenny,

      Yes we do! Google+ is a strong way to grow organic traffic. We started out very slowly, as all blogs do, but Google+ communities help provide us with a steady readership for all our content.

      Some other things you can do to help organic traffic when it comes to keywords are make sure to use top keywords on your about page. You can also make hyperlinks out of strong keywords, as that will catch the attention of Google's search algorithms, ranking your site higher. Also, treat the first sentence of your Google+ post as part of the post's title, so those are given more weight in search algorithms as well.

      Thank you for commenting, and feel free to subscribe to receive all our latest updates!

  3. I have been trying to increase traffic to my blog. I had to take some time off as I was traveling abroad for work, not sure how much damage that did, especially since my site is still in its infancy. Some people are able to drive tons of traffic to their sites even upon starting new ones up. I have not managed to get any traffic or provoke a single comment. Not sure if there are better communities to be posting my blogs to, I already found a few blog promotion communities, many others will just ban you for promoting your site. I would like my blog to pay for itself as many people have stated they were able to do but if it's just going to be an expense to me and cost me more than my time, I think I may have to give it up.

    1. Don't give up! Traveling abroad certainly didn't help, since posting consistent valuable content is a surefire way to drive traffic. What is your blog about?

      There are many different ways to make a blog profitable, but it all starts with developing a strong and steady readership. Commenting on other blogs is a great way to start out! We share a lot of content, but we also do our best to be active in communities and on other platforms to build relationships. Hope this helps! Thank you for commenting, and feel free to subscribe to our email list!