October 19, 2015

Google’s Waze is Rerouting their App for Better-Looking Navigation

Photo courtesy of The iOS Post.
By Nick K.
Navigation apps have been a hot topic in 2015. So far, Google Maps has implemented several new updates to their app, such as updated location accuracy, the ability to search for places around your current location, and much more. Apple Maps has also been revamped for iOS 9 and won’t settle for second place behind Google Maps anymore.

However, there is another navigation app contender who is ready to make a fresh appearance and point users in the right direction. The Waze 4.0 update has been released for Apple iOS! Venture Beat reports that being the first major update for the app since it was acquired by Google two years ago! 

What makes Waze so popular initially is its ability to provide directions in real time, as well as allowing users to report various events happening in given areas. Users have the option to report an accident, road hazard or construction zone to alert other drivers of the oncoming delay. 

Photo courtesy of iDownloadBlog.

Unfortunately, there have been some issues associated with Waze. Users felt that Waze was confusing and took too complicated to provide directions, especially compared to Google Maps and Apple Maps.

Thankfully though, Waze 4.0 has taken user input into account and the result is a new design and nice overall functionality. The Next Web shared some of the improvements Waze added, including an easier-to-read map design. Waze has also created an estimated time arrival timer, which allows users to send updates to their friends.

Users can also alter their route by including additional stops to their original destination. This could be quite the convenient tool for those in need of making a quick pit stop while on the road. Lastly, Waze has included the option to provide alternate routes when seeking directions. Users encounter some bumps in the road along the way to their destination, the process of selecting an alternate option is fairly simple.

Waze 4.0 was a much needed update and it should hopefully be accepted with open arms among the navigation app user community. It isn’t the next Google Maps or Apple Maps, but it does make a strong case that it is still in the running as a better navigation app!

Have you used Waze before? What are some things you would like to see navigation apps improve? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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