October 15, 2015

Google Fuses Cardboard and Street View in Their Latest Update

Photo Courtesy of: geeksnack.com
By Lauren C.

Travel junkies and tech enthusiasts be warned! Google just made a very exciting announcement in regards to Google Cardboard and Street View. Earlier this week, the Google Cardboard app was made available in 39 different languages and over 100 different languages on both the Android and iOS phones and other devices. In case you didn’t know, Google Cardboard is a low budget VR set made by Google that takes an ordinary cardboard box which can be folded to holster onto a smartphone.

But what does all of this have to do with travel? Well, as part of this update, Google is adding Street View to Google Cardboard, so you can check out scenes on your phone via 3-dimensional, virtual reality. That’s right – you can look at gorgeous, realistic 3-dimensional views of the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa simply by utilizing the Google Cardboard app.

Up until this announcement, the free Cardboard app allowed only a few different tours of certain locations, and a few videos on YouTube. With the announcement of Street View being added to Google Cardboard, you can now check out giant landscapes, oceans, neighborhoods, famous historical sites, and others that are all photographed by Google.

Is Google Following Facebook’s Lead?

This is similar to Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus in 2014, a virtual reality startup that was originally founded by Kickstarter. Google understands, like Facebook, the potential of virtual reality and how it can be incorporated in different ways. According to Popular Science, Google will probably begin using virtual reality for navigation and location-based services as the next step. That is, if Street View is as popular as an addition to Cardboard as Oculus was to Facebook.

The Tek Team believes that this addition to Google Cardboard facilitates the process of Google using virtual reality for navigational purposes, and their fusing together of different technologies. Either way, Street View as an addition to Google Cardboard will make for some great entertainment. As Google announced in their blog post, “With Cardboard available in more places, we’re hoping to bring the world just a little bit closer to everyone. Happy exploring!”

What do you think about the addition of Street View to Google Cardboard? Will you utilize this on your phone? Let us know in your comments!

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