October 6, 2015

Customer Question of the Month: The Benefits of Google My Business

By Nick K.

With so much content on the Internet, how does one become noticed? That may seem like the million dollar question, and the answer is often times much easier said than done. Luckily, you won’t actually need a million dollars to make your online marketing campaign a success. It is a new month, which means it’s time for The Tek Team to ask and answer a new Customer Question: “What are the benefits of having a Google My Business listing?”

This is a great question, especially for eGumball’s potential clients, because Google My Business account creation and management is just one of the many services provided by our company.  

Before answering the question in detail, let us cover some basic information about Google My Business. For those who are not familiar with Google My Business, it was formerly known as Google Places for Business and functioned as Google’s version of a local business listing platform.

The Google My Business listing is essentially the hub for managing your business online by providing detailed information about your business across Google platforms, including Search, Maps, and Google+. It provides an opportunity to connect your business to both current and potential customers. With that being said, let us go over some more benefits of using Google My Business:

Free is Always Great 

For starters, the service is free! There are no hidden fees or costs that will appear, so why not use a free service that could potentially gain you more customers? For those seeking immediate advertising results, Google does have paid ad services called Google AdWords and Google AdSense. Both services can complement your Google My Business listing effectively by combining organic SEO (unpaid) with SEM (paid).

Finding Buried Treasure Without a Map

Having a Google My Business listing allows your business to be found more easily online. Google My Business features multiple application integration, so whether users are browsing Google Search, Google+, or Google Maps, your local business information will appear.

Access Granted

It will be much easier for users to find your business, almost effortlessly, if your listing is accessible and optimized for different devices. With a listing on Google My Business, your business information can be accessed and found across computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Build Your Online Community

Another benefit of using Google My Business is the ability to connect with customers. Since Google My Business has Google+ integrated into its services, you can view and respond to customer comments and reviews. You also have the ability to start conversations and interact with customers by posting company updates via Google+. If you are feeling tech-savvy enough, you can even provide video updates or connect face-to-face through Google+ Hangouts!

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Lastly, Google My Business is tailored to you, as a business owner, so you can easily manage your listing information. Google My Business also has an easy-to-use app, where you can keep your information updated and also find further insight on how your business info is performing online. For example, Google My Business provides data, such as views and clicks, to help you better understand how to connect with your target audience. To make it easier to manage and address customer issues, Google has provided a section for customer feedback, reviews, and ratings over time.  

Are you ready to create a Google My Business listing if you have not already? I sure am! To create your listing, visit Google My Business’ homepage! However, if you are pressed for time or in need of assistance in creating one, eGumball, Inc. is more than happy to help you out, as this is one of the many services they provide!

The Tek Team hopes this information empowers you to advance your online marketing campaign!  

Do you have any questions you would like eGumball, Inc. to answer for next month? Please feel free to provide a question in the comments below!

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