October 30, 2015

Choose a Trending Costume with Google’s Frightgeist

Photo Courtesy of frightgeist.withgoogle.com

By Lauren C.

Trick or Tek! Last year, we analyzed the top trending searches for spooky gadgets and technology across the nation.

This year, we wanted to analyze the top costume choices nationwide, before the festivities of Halloween commence!  Luckily, Google has made it easier for us to see what the top trending costumes are across the nation.  Check out Frightgeist, an interactive tool that helps you see what costumes are trending in your area, so you can have the most original costume possible for that party or your trick-or-treat quest for candy!

According to Google’s blog, Frightgeist helps users analyze different genres of costumes in your area and across the country. For example, they find what superheroes are trending (this year, it’s Harley Quinn), pet costumes, costumes for couples, or types of popular wigs (for example, the swooping comb over of Donald Trump).  Not only can you see what people are dressing up as around your specific area or nationwide, you can also see which costumes are the most popular in each trend or genre.

Speaking of which, let’s take a look and see what the top costume search trends are in and around the Los Angeles area.

1. Star Wars

Google doesn’t tell us the most popular Star Wars character costume, but according to the Film category, Star Wars is nationally ranked at #2 and is the #1 search trend in the Los Angeles area. Even though it’s very popular, this costume trend still isn’t near its peak, which was during 2007. Perhaps it coincided with t the 3D release of Star Wars: A New Hope? 

Photo Courtesy of: buzzfeed.com

2. Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn is ranking #1 nationally as the most popular costume, and is #2 in Los Angeles. Harley Quinn is a villain in the Batman universe, and can usually be found tailing after the Joker, whom she lovingly calls, “Mistah J.”  Harley Quinn is rather popular right now due to the upcoming 2016 movie Suicide Squad and other recent television appearances. 

Photo Courtesy of: thegeekarticle.com

3. Pirate
Pirates have always been a popular choice and are still ranked nationally as the number #4 most popular costume, while being #3 in the Los Angeles area. Pirate costume searches peaked in 2007 and 2008, but took a nosedive in 2009. Since then, pirates have been rising in popularity each year.

Photo Courtesy of: funnyjunksite.com

4. Batman
Batman is widely a popular option that has seen an uptick in the last 5 years. Ranked nationally at #5 and ranked #4 in Los Angeles, Batman’s popularity is timeless due to the flow of new movies that come out every few years. Batman costume searches rank higher compared to all other searches in the Comic Book Characters category.

Photo Courtesy of: comicivine.com

5. Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse is ranked #6 nationally this year, and number #5 in the Los Angeles area. The Minnie Mouse costume has gotten progressively more popular since 2006, after flat-lining for some time. At her highest point in years, Minnie Mouse is a popular costume among both children and young adults.

Photo Courtesy of pinterest.com

Know What to Wear This Halloween

Since Halloween is tomorrow, it’s best to check out Frightgeist to know what to wear to your costume party. Depending on whether you want to be a trendsetter or fit in with the crowd, Frightgeist will have the results to help you make the right decision.
From the Tek Team to you, we hope that you have a very happy, haunted, horrifying Halloween!

What are your Halloween plans? Will you use Frightgeist to help pick the perfect costume? Let us know in your comments!

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