October 26, 2015

4 Ways Infographics Will Help Your Business

By Justin H.

When it comes to content marketing and SEO, we’ve heard just about every method possible to help get your blog or website to the top of Google Search. The old adage holds true that “content is king” across all platforms, including social media. Not everyone can be Stephen King, so what other methods besides masterful writing can we use to improve our content?

Sadly, there isn’t a quick fix to vault you to the top of the page rankings. However, one tool will help you more than you’d ever imagine.

I’m talking about infographics.

People are attracted to photos when it comes to business marketing because images provide a glimpse into the personality of a company or website. The problem – particularly if you are more of an online-based service – is that there might not always be a ton of Kodak moments in your industry. Your office photos could be too boring. Your blog photos could be generic stock photos. You also don’t want to use too many memes to avoid coming across as too immature.

If you encounter any of those problems while creating visual content, here are the reasons why infographics are incredibly helpful.

Users Respond Better to Visual Information

Are you ready to get pummeled with facts? Good!

-          According to 3M Corporation, 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visuals are also processed 60,000 times faster than text.
-          According to AnsonAlex, publishers who use infographics see traffic grow an average of 12 percent more than those who don’t.
-          According to Simply Measured, visual content saw a 65 percent increase in engagement just one month after the introduction of Facebook timeline for brands.
-          According to everyone, clearly, infographics are awesome.

Infographics are Easy to Share

Guest posts on other sites have their place, but isn’t it much easier to share a photo as opposed to a 1,200-word exposé?

On our eGumball Twitter account, we enjoy sharing infographics at night at least a few times a week on various topics pertaining to content, social media, business, etc. We’ve found that they are typically shared at a much higher rate, but why is that?

Because they’re simple and fun to look at. If you take your infographics to the next level – and even create your own – they can be shared on multiple sites in your industry. This results in backlink gold, which improves your ranking in SERPs immeasurably…and isn’t that the ultimate goal here?

Infographics Get More Relevant by the Day

This trend isn’t slowing anytime soon. The screenshot from Google Trends above tells all you need to know about their rising popularity. In order for your content to reach a broader audience, you need to rethink the approach! Infographics are long-term marketing tools that don’t go out of style and retain relevancy over time, whereas textual content might not. 

No wonder they dominate search engines – they have a long shelf life!

Infographics Heighten Brand Awareness

One of the most convenient aspects of infographics is their simplicity. Most of us can’t get through an email without forgetting half the information in it. With infographics, it becomes much easier to get your point across. This is a reputation every brand benefits from.

No matter what kind of business you are running, if users and other companies view your brand as trustworthy and straightforward, they're much more likely to return to your posts as well as your products. Infographics present information in its most relatable form and allow everyone to know exactly what point you are trying to make, without all the painful sales jargon or long-winded articles.

If you are determined to ascend Mount Google and reach the peak of that front page, don’t ignore the importance of infographics. When it comes to the word content, many often think of blog posts, newsletters and other long, written pieces. But infographics are the breath of fresh air your stale blog posts might need. Give them a shot!

Do you relate better to infographics or written pieces? What sort of infographics would you like to see on our blog? Feel free to let us know in the comment section!

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