September 15, 2015

Innovator of the Month: Reid Hoffman

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By Joseph A.

Who is Reid Hoffman?

Reid Hoffman is one of the original founders of LinkedIn, a business-oriented social network that is primarily used for networking on a professional level. Hoffman has also become known as one of the most prolific and successful “angel investors” due to his background knowledge and appreciation  of startup companies. He was a member of the board of directors of PayPal, which has grown into one of the most reliable electronic money services of today. Prior to his investment career gaining traction, the Oxford graduate worked for Apple and Fujitsu, which jump-started his interest in the tech industry. 

Interestingly enough, Hoffman initiated the business relationship between Mark Zuckerberg, cofounder of Facebook, and Hoffman’s friend, Peter Thiel. The meeting led to a $500,000 investment by Thiel, which helped  Facebook get the initial funding it needed to get off the ground.

Fun Facts about LinkedIn

·        LinkedIn allows its users to show “published works” which can be especially helpful for writers and aspiring on-camera personalities.

·        The popular social networking site also allows  individuals to “endorse” each other for a variety of skills, some that might not be directly shown on a traditional résumé. Endorsements can help enhance an individual’s appeal to potential employers if their skill set matches up with a potential job opening or the company’s core values.

·        Businesses have also found LinkedIn to be a useful tool, both for marketing and recruiting purposes. Companies can create their own profiles where they  stay up to date on industry news, post job opportunities, and even recruit new employees through specific searches. The days of mailing in résumés are in the past, and LinkedIn appears to have a clear advantage regarding the online résumé submission process.

Why Reid Hoffman Will Go Down In History

Hoffman completely revolutionized social media, allowing users to enhance their professional portfolios while increasing contact between individuals of the same field. Before LinkedIn had grown into the professional networking powerhouse it is now, social media was viewed as more of a personal tool than a professional one. However, LinkedIn has steadily risen up the social networking rankings since its inception in 2003.

Hoffman’s  success was rewarded in April of 2014 when President Barack Obama named him a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurshipto help develop the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

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  1. Hi Tek,

    I never heard of Reid Hoffman before, although I was a user of LinkedIn. Yes, I just use it without knowing who's the co founder. :lol:

    It is a good reading. I learned something new today.
    Thanks for contributing in my learning curve. Have a great week ahead!


    1. Hi Nanda,

      Glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks for being a Tek Shouts reader.