September 1, 2015

Today is Tek Shouts! 1st Birthday

By Nick K.

Tek Shouts! has turned 1 year old! It is hard to believe that it’s already been a year since the Tek Team launched our blog. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. It has been an honor and a real joy working to improve Tek Shouts! while continuously finding ways to grow our audience.  

Since Tek Shouts’ initial launch, it has provided only the most ground-breaking and essential Google news for you or any other avid “tekkies” across the web.  

Tek Shouts! has come a long way since its inception. It all started out with its first blog post about Facebook being the new online superstore for consumers, which sadly had a minimal amount of views. Although the content was unique and enjoyable to read, it just didn’t contain the spunk and pizazz that Tek Shouts! includes in its blog posts today.

Now that Tek Shouts! is one year old, it is finally able to spread its wings and reach new depths of the web while sharing information on a wide range of social media platforms which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Bizsugar, LinkedIn and much more!
In addition, the Tek Team has been busy pumping out great quality work for Tek Shouts! by improving its overall appearance, editing the blog’s font, as well as adding more “eye-catching” blog photos. 

The list of continued improvements only grows with each passing day. When Tek Shouts! turns 2 years old, who knows what great changes will have occurred, all thanks to the Tek Team hard at work! 

More importantly though, the Tek Team wanted to give Tek Shouts! the greatest gift of all by creating a plan to install a new template for it. As a thank you to our audience members who regularly read and comment on our blogs, this is a gift from the Tek Team to you. Stay tuned to hear more about other exciting new changes that are planned ahead for Tek Shouts, including the possibility of a new blog template!

What are some changes that you would like the Tek Team to improve upon before Tek Shouts! second birthday? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below. 

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