September 3, 2015

Google Captures Breathtaking Photos by Partnering with Ricoh

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By Lauren C.

Ever wondered what it’s like to stand on the edge of a cliff? If you aren’t adventurous enough to trek the mountains and try it out first hand, there’s still an option available to you. Thanks to Google’s new Street View app for IOS and Android, interested users have the opportunity to stand almost anywhere in the world, without having to make the treacherous hike.

So how does it work? The app is essentially a map that shows pictures, or ‘photospheres” that users have taken from nearby locations. describes it as a combination of Street View and Google Earth, with a “mix of Google’s content and shots from regular users.”

Photos Will Become More Expansive

Not only will you be able to see amazing views of cliffs and hidden locations around the world, you’ll be able to see them from all angles. Google is partnering with the camera-maker, Ricoh, to create a brand new camera that offers 360- degree shots.

The camera itself will take up quite a bit of storage because the pictures themselves use up a lot of data. The President of Ricoh, Jim Malcolm, said, “Our approach to the category is that having a blind spot always leaves something out.” The new camera, called the Theta, will leave no angle or view out, which is why so much storage space will be used.

Users can then take these pictures from the Ricoh phone and upload them to the app. The quality, all-encompassing photos will generate more interest in the Street View app for iOS and Android.

Don’t want to buy the new Theta camera? That’s ok too. You can always shoot photospheres from your regular camera on your phone and upload them to the Street View app. Both Android and the iOS apps were just released today, so it’s time to start exploring the world!

Do you plan on downloading the new Street View app or buying the Theta phone? Let us know in your comments!

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