September 17, 2015

Google Maps Street View Goes Trekking with Elephants

Photo courtesy of Google Maps Blog.
By Nick K. 

So far, Google Maps Street View has created several virtual field trips which span across the globe, granting users the ability to travel through the depths of the ocean, zip-line through the Amazon rainforest, and traverse the top 5 U.S. wonders. There is always plenty to do and plenty to see, all from the comfort of your own home.

Google Maps Street View continues to add more awesome adventures for users to partake in. This time around you can embark on an adventure through Kenya to the Samburu National Reserve alongside elephants!

This exciting new virtual fieldtrip is made possible all thanks to Google and their new partnership with Save the Elephants, as well as support and funding from the Samburu Country Government. Google has plenty of experience supporting environmental organizations in hopes to provide public awareness of various global issues. In this case, the cause is fighting against growing problem of hunters poaching elephants and other beautiful creatures.   

This field trip contains the thrills of beautiful images and information about the locations elephants travel to, all without the scorching heat of the African sun! If you are ready to start your next virtual field trip to Kenya, visit Google Maps Street View today! 

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