September 18, 2015

Claiming Your Business Listing on Apple Maps, Alongside Google Maps

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By Lauren C.

We all know the benefits of having a business listing on Google Maps. As the most popular digital mapping app, Google Maps will remain the reliable frontrunner in navigation technology for the foreseeable future. 

Hiring a specialized Google Maps marketing company, such as eGumball Inc., can ensure local businesses are indeed found on Google Maps, which in turn helps business owners optimize their overall online presence.

Very recently, eGumball began providing businesses with an option to be listed on Apple Maps, as well. However, back in 2012 when Apple Maps first launched, it was by all accounts disastrous. Though Apple had predicted that they already had 20 million more business listings than Google, and would potentially have 100 million more business listings after its release, their boasts didn’t pan out quite as planned.

Apple Maps received quite a bit of negative feedback from users, who claimed that much of the mapping information and directions were inaccurate. Primarily, the biggest complaint included the lack of transit directions, and an overabundance of false information, which led to many users getting lost. If Apple was trying to show up Google by stealing their users, they failed miserably. In fact, many users reverted back to Google Maps after the initial Apple Maps rollout.

So Why Bother Listing Your Business on Apple Maps?

Much has changed since 2012. Apple got its act together, and purchased some mapping companies. Some of these are no longer utilized by Apple, such as HopStop, but they all initially improved Apple’s ability to pinpoint location data. Apple Maps has also improved its capacity to map out walking, biking, and public transportation information.
Because Apple Maps has improved so dramatically since its terrible, initial rollout, it’s now seen as a worthwhile platform to list businesses. Check out these two important statistics from Biztraffic:

1. The number of smartphone users has reached close to 160 million in the United States alone. Last year, iPhones were still the number one most popular smartphone, and iPhones have the Apple Maps app by default.

2. Apple Maps is the 9th most popular app as of April, 2015, with a whopping 42 million users. Though this isn’t as high as other competitors, it’s quickly jumped the ranks and is continuing to rise in popularity every year.

Given this information, it’s a good idea to start listing your business on Apple Maps, as well as Google Maps. Of course, being listed on both Google Maps and Apple Maps directories enhances a business’s online marketing campaign and improves their search engine optimization. Thankfully, eGumball has a team of experts who can help both of these processes for you today!

Is your business listed on Google Maps or Apple Maps? Which do you see the value in more? Let us know in your comments!

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