September 29, 2015

Celebrate National Coffee Day with Google Maps and Dunkin’ Donuts

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Happy National Coffee Day! What better way to celebrate than by making a beeline to the coffee shop and buying your favorite cup of Joe? After all, who doesn’t need that morning caffeine fix? For some of us, it’s the only thing that keeps us from hitting the snooze button when that dreaded morning alarm goes off.

New Yorkers are especially known for their strong affinity for coffee. Surviving in the City That Never Sleeps requires that one live a fast-paced, nonstop lifestyle, and New Yorkers use caffeine as their fuel to keep from falling flat on their faces.

Perhaps this is why Dunkin’ Donuts and Google Maps partnered up to build, which crunches two different sets of data as part of a cool advertising campaign for both the Maps app and donut chain. The website lets New Yorkers track approximately how long it takes to get to Dunkin’ Donuts depending on where they are located. Finally, New Yorkers no longer have to worry about how long it will take to make a pit stop before that morning meeting.

How Does It Work?

The website tracks the amount of time it takes to get to different Dunkin’ Donuts locations approximately how long the wait times are at each location. When users search for the term, “coffee near me” on Google Maps or in Google Search, an ad will pop up that teases the user with a way to “find the fastest coffee.” When the user clicks on the ad, Google Maps will pop up, registering the user’s location and directing them towards the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts. Voila!

Google Maps and Dunkin’ Donuts Both Win

This is a fun way for both Dunkin’ Donuts and Google Maps to market themselves by partnering together. Google Maps increases its already strong credibility with users by tying in mapping technology to something popular, such as feeding a caffeine fix. Dunkin’ Donuts receives more advertising, and hopefully, more walk-in traffic.

However, New Yorkers are the real winners in this location-based ad mania. They can finally feed their caffeine addiction in a timelier manner that suits their fast-paced lifestyle…and maybe get a donut while they’re at it. We’ll drink to that!

What do you think about Would we benefit from expanding this type of advertising to other locations rather than New York City? Let us know in your comments!

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