August 13, 2015

Tek This Out! Who is the Rightful Owner of the Alphabet Name: Google or BMW?

The Alphabet Logo over the Google Logo.
Photo Courtesy from Contract Hire and Leasing

By Nick K.

If you are not aware yet, this past Monday the Internet exploded over the announcement of Google’s parent company, Alphabet. Alphabet is the result of Google’s business restructuring and overhaul. See the diagram below! 

Alphabet has not been live for a week to the public yet, and there are some noticeable issues with its logistics. For example, if you try visiting Alphabet’s website to learn more information about it, you would enter into your search bar, correct?

A graph from Business Insider depicting Google's restructuring to Alphabet.
Photo courtesy of Business Insider.  
Well, you would reach an existing website, but it doesn’t look anything like Google’s new parent company. Instead, you would be looking at BMW’s, since the domain is owned by BMW Group’s fleet management subsidiary. Google’s Alphabet has gone with the domain name of! Too bad it’s not that intuitive.

Unfortunately, the issues for Google’s Alphabet do not stop there. Sources such as Tech Crunch have noticed that @alphabet is also taken by another user, who has no relation to Google, as well as @alphabetInc with a capital “i,” which is already taken by another company. In addition, i100’s website pointed out that the domain “” is also taken by BMW.  

According to the New York Times, BMW has hammed another nail in the coffin by refusing to sell their domain to Google. BMW has also capitalized on their recent explosion of website traffic with the creation of their “own alphabet,” which you can see below.

An image of BMW's response to Google's Alphabet.
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It is a clever response from BMW by saying that Alphabet is “more than a name to us.” It will be interesting to see how the disagreement between Google and BMW will progress. Perhaps BMW eventually will sell off the domain to Google for a large sum of money? Maybe once the dust of Google’s Alphabet settles, users will begin to ignore the domain name difference and a new wave of website domain names will begin.  

Do you think that BMW should sell their domain to Google? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below! 


  1. It will be quite interesting to see just how powerful Google is. They might not even care that is taken because their business have enough branding to not make their parent company jealous.

    1. Hey J.G. Lock,

      Yeah I agree with you on that Google probably doesn't care at this point about the domain name issue. If anything Google could just alter the page rankings to allow Google's Alphabet to appear before BMW's Alphabet does!

      -The Tek Team