August 18, 2015

Innovator of the Month: Larry Page

Google cofounder and Alphabet CEO, Larry Page.  Image from 9to5Mac.

By Megan G.

With the headline-stealing powers of Google’s recent restructuring, stories on Google’s Alphabet  (or Alphabet’s Google, I should say) has been peppering our favorite publications.  Titles range from “how will this affect Google,” to “what does this mean for Google users,” to “why choose the name ‘Alphabet,’” and… “Wait, how is BMW involved?” 

One of the most delightful articles to come out of this buzz is from Business Insider, a profile on the life of Sergey Brin, Google cofounder and now Alphabet’s President.  The Tek Team thought it was appropriate to highlight the achievements of his other half in business, Larry Page. 

An adorably awkward photo that only the ‘90s could produce.  Image from Business Insider.

Larry Page was the CEO of Google until this Monday and is now the CEO of Alphabet, for reasons that have been speculated, stated, reviewed, and speculated further.  He has lived an equally interesting, if not so adventurous life, as his buddy Sergey.   

Who is Larry Page?

Larry Page is one of the original cofounders of Google, Inc. and currently the CEO of Alphabet, Google’s publicly traded parent company.  He was born in Michigan in 1973 to his “computer expert” parents, his father a computer science professor and his mother a computer programming instructor.

Page earned his BA in Science from the University of Michigan and then his Masters in Science at Stanford University.  Page met Sergey Brin while studying at Stanford and the rest is techie history

Fun Facts about the Tech Mogul from Michigan

  • According to a Corporate Valley interview with Page, he was the first child in his elementary school to turn in his work on a word processed document.  His parents, especially his father, fostered a computer-friendly environment in Page’s childhood home, leading to an early interest in computers and mechanics.   

  • Page was interested in invention from an early age and read magazines like Popular Mechanics to entertain his innovative thoughts.  His older brother taught him “how to take things apart” and the two proceeded to disassemble many of their household items.

  • In 2001, Google Inc. received a patent for its PageRank algorithm, officially assigned to Stanford University and Lawrence “Larry” Page as the inventor.  PageRank determines a website’s relevancy to the web-user, meaning it is one of the most crucial algorithms in search engine optimization.   

Why Larry Page (and Sergey Brin) Will Go Down In History 

Page and Brin working in the garage of Susan Wojcicki, 
another original Googler and current CEO of YouTube. 
Image from Bloomberg Business.

Google” is a bona fide verb by most dictionaries’ standards.  Phrases like SEO, AdWords, and even online marketing would not exist without the existence of an efficient and effective means to find business websites and market them—i.e. a search engine.  

Arguably, the best search engine available is Google, and its existence would not be possible without the mind and work of Larry Page. 

Which innovator would you like Tek Shouts to write about next month?  Let us know in the comments! 

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