August 3, 2015

Google Maps Introduces New Updates for iPhones

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By Joseph A.

If you’ve grown tired of Google Maps constantly guiding you onto heavily-congested freeways and are looking for a more reliable alternative, all you have to do is update your iPhone. That’s right, it really is that simple!

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The new Google Maps for iOS (4.8.0) brings iPhone owners a set of tremendous new features that were previously only available for Android users.

Android’s update from June 2015 included a variety of new features including public transportation routes, real-time updates, and even a Timeline of places you’ve previously visited.

From the Timeline, users will be able to view a history of the places they’ve been on any given day. The date and amount of time spent at each location will also be available, which had been missing on previous versions of the app.

One option provided with the Timeline feature allows you to add unique names to custom places. As long as you have your Google Maps open while visiting those locations, a Timeline view will be made available for you. Any photos that were taken at each location with the app on can now be shown as part of the Timeline. While this might sound a bit creepy to you, Google does enable you to delete the Timeline option if you would prefer some more privacy.

The earlier versions of the navigation app also lacked real-time updates which Google’s acquisition, Waze, continues to amaze its users with.

The new iOS navigation version also includes a number of other features such as a map-sharing option from Facebook, as well asan Image Gallery offering a grid view to help users understand given locations on the map.

Google Maps has fully redesigned directions to improve the user traveling experience in cities, offering additional route options plus real-time arrival data when available. It will also tell users how much time they can save by rerouting, as well as route-around notifications for roads that are closed or under construction.

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The app also shows more information about your destination, meaning you can now be enjoying some fascinating weather info and fun facts about your destination as you travel there. What’s even more interesting is that the app can respond to your voice commands to hide or show traffic, depending on your preference.

 You can update your Google Maps app for both Android and iOS for free from their respective app stores right away for a much-improved driving experience. If you’re tired of sitting in endless traffic and wondering why your GPS led you astray, make the change today!

Do you trust these new Google Maps updates, or have you moved on to a different navigation app? Let us know in the comments below!

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