August 28, 2015

Game Changing Tips From Google Maps

By Nick K. 

It has been commonly accepted that Google Maps is the go-to app for directions, regardless of platform. Other map apps like Apple Maps and Waze have provided some nice competition for Google and are still trying to create an overall better map experience. Yet, despite these improvements, Apple and Waze are still not able to keep up with Google Maps.

Google Maps always seems to know the fastest route to create a more advanced map and navigation application. In fact, Tech Insider has shared plenty of game changing tips on navigation via Google Maps:

Here is a list of Google Maps tools which the Tek Team found to be the most useful to ensure a simple, stress-free user experience while navigating to your destination:

Share your location with friends

Don’t you hate making plans with friends to attend a busy event, and upon arrival it takes plenty of time to find one another? Well, thanks to this great Google Maps’ feature, you never have to deal with the hassle of going back and forth over text messages to find out exactly where your friends are at a busy event!

Google has created some simple instructions, which are listed below, on how to use this great feature: 

Photo courtesy Google Support Page.

When in Doubt, Use the Quick Suggestion Tool

Traveling to new places and less familiar locations can be stressful, especially when the gas light in your car comes on, and your stomach starts grumbling. The last thing people want to do is travel farther into an unfamiliar area in search of a gas station or food.

Photo courtesy of Google Maps.
Thankfully, Google Maps has come to the rescue again! They have created a feature which allows you to search for gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, and even banks. How convenient! Google Maps really does think of almost everything to help out its users. 

Many users have most likely used the quick suggestion tool without even realizing it, but whenever you press the search bar while in Google Maps, a list of recommendations will appear below it. Plus, if you type in “gas stations near me” a list of gas stations in your area with appear on Google Maps with clear, helpful pins.

Save Your Favorite Places and Work Address

Don’t you wish you could quickly find the address for your favorite restaurant, without having to type the restaurant name in every time you open up Google Maps? Luckily, the app has a feature that allows you to save your favorite places and locations. This includes your favorite restaurants, places of entertainment and much more.

Photo courtesy of Google Maps

Google Maps doesn’t stop there, though. They have also added the ability to save your work and home locations. If you haven’t done this, yet, it can be quite convenient to have your work address saved to check commute times and even avoid nasty traffic incidents. Before you hit up happy hour after work on a Friday, you can just type “work” into the Google Maps search bar and a pin will drop at your work address. Need to add your work address after you’ve already gone home? To set your work address in Google Maps, check out this interactive tutorial!

The game has changed for maps, and Google Maps is leading the way towards better navigation. We hope you have learned some new tips and tools that Google Maps has to offer. Good luck, and happy adventuring and navigating!  

What are some of your favorite Google Maps features that you have used? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below! 

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