August 7, 2015

Driver Safety Improves With the New Google Maps Night Mode Update

A screenshot of the new Google Maps "Night Mode" Update
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By Lauren C.

Looking to avoid nasty traffic congestion by driving at night? You may beat the traffic, but there are certain risks that are associated with driving at night; especially if you suffer from poor eyesight or chronic fatigue. Luckily, thanks to a new update to the Google Maps iOS application, your night travels just became a lot easier.

This new update to the Google Maps application, also called “Night Mode,” ensures that the risks associated with using the app at night are greatly decreased. Night Mode allows the user to opt for a darker display on the map app, rather than the bright, glaring white light that is now the default option.

Though it is a very minor tweak, the science behind the update is solid. According to research, there is evidence that using darker lights at night are better for improving your vision. That’s why blaring the television in a dark room makes your eyes do wacky things. We aren’t meant to process light that way, especially in a very dark area or car while performing the important task of driving.

The update is a minor feature change, but could help improve Google Maps’ reputation for safety, as many experts have alleged that the app itself is distracting enough while driving. Since millions of users rely on the application for driving, this subtle change will provide a better driving experience at night, as well as help to play up the actual safety of the application itself.

The best part about the new feature is that it is entirely automatic, and doesn’t require the user to manually change anything while driving. Night Mode will turn on by default only when it is night time outside, and not when it’s dark. So if you’re worried about the app going into night mode while sitting in bed scrolling through Instagram, don’t.

Night Mode is currently available on the iOS version of Google Maps, and has been updated on the Android version for a while.

What do you think about the new Google Maps iOS feature, Night Mode? Do you think it will help improve driving safety at night? Let us know in your comments!

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