August 25, 2015

Acquire a Taste for This New Google Maps Feature

By Lauren C.

Being a food enthusiast has gotten more exciting in the digital age. Taking pictures of delectable items and posting them to our favorite social media sites has never been easier, all thanks to those nifty camera phones. Finally, there’s a way for us foodies to come together and celebrate our menu choices no matter where we eat or what we decide to indulge in.

Luckily, Google decided to join the food frenzy long ago. It began with Google’s failed experimental service, Tablescape, which used to serve as a way to funnel content that was tied to Google+. Tablescape was a method for users to upload pictures of food and place them into different categories, i.e., cheesy, vegetarian, etc. However, the experiment didn’t last, and Tablescape shut down a few months after it began.

 Google didn’t give up on their dream to promote food categorization through the use of apps, though. Just recently, Google decided to test a new feature in Maps so users can upload "foodographs" and share them with others. This allows users to upload food photos on Google Maps for Android phones, so they can share where and what they ate.

 The feature will alert users as soon as Maps has found a new photo of a food-related place. This type of update could also be beneficial and lucrative for businesses, who understand the power that visual effects have on influencing food decisions. The more people who are encouraged to upload and share photos to Maps, the better free marketing local restaurants and eateries will have. Overall, this experiment is a win-win for food enthusiasts, curious users, and local businesses who enjoy the free marketing exposure.

What are your opinions on this new Google feature? Will you plan on using Google Maps to upload photos from local restaurants? Let us know in the comments!

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