August 5, 2015

3 Reasons Why Google Should and Should Not Buy Twitter

Twitter Logo versus the Google Logo
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By Nick K.

A few months ago, the Internet shared rumors about the possibility of Google purchasing Twitter. Well, like with most Internet news, many users' set out to research these rumors. This week in particular, it seems like most users opinions and professional articles go into great lengths to argue 
why Google should or should not buy Twitter.

For the past couple of months, Twitter has been in deep water as a result of some big name employees jumping ship to other companies like Dropbox and YouTube. This includes their CEO Dick Costolo. To make matters grimmer, Twitter’s stock prices have dropped 33% from last year and the company’s value is down to about $17 million, according to Business Insider.

After conducting much research across the Internet and reviewing both arguments, Tek Shouts! has compiled a comprehensive list to organize the speculations all in one place!  

Why Google Should Buy Twitter

1. Twitter could redeem the disappointing Google+ platform
Since Google+ has had its fair share of ups and downs, reports have been made by MF Monitor about Google progressively withdrawing from their Google+ platform. The reason for this withdrawal is the hope that Google will drop Google+ entirely and instead acquire Twitter. Google would be able to compete effectively against other top tier social media platforms, something that Google+ has never been able to accomplish.

2. Twitter + Google = “An instant fit”
Fortune believes that Twitter will indeed be bought out, but the real question is by who. There are quite a few interested parties, including Facebook, Microsoft, and even Amazon. However, Fortune feels that Google acquiring Twitter would be the most beneficial to Google considering how Twitter and Google were both partners back when Twitter was first starting out. Fortune also asked Chris Sacca about his thoughts about Google acquiring Twitter, and responded that the partnership would be “an instant fit.”

3. A Win-Win for Twitter and Google
The Guardian provided their input about the possibility of Google acquiring Twitter. They felt that both parties would benefit greatly from the transaction. Google would become an even more efficient search engine and would have an enhanced emphasis on keyword optimization since Twitter relies heavily on keywords for hashtags. Google also would be able to access real-time data from its users via Twitter, which could radically improve search for users as well. As for Twitter, the social network would be able to expand its global reach and have access to a larger number of advertisers.

Why Google Should Not Buy Twitter

1. Google CEO, Larry Page does not care about acquiring Twitter
Business Insider believes that Google should not acquire Twitter mainly because their CEO Larry Page was quoted saying he simply did not care about Twitter via—ironically—Twitter. This is probably because he has more important and pressing issues deal with, like developing another approach for Google+ to take down the other social media giants. (Just kidding!)

2. Google already benefits from Twitters current pairing  
Re/code felt that Google should not acquire Twitter for several reasons, which include how Google is already making the most of Twitter. Last year, Google paired up with Twitter to use its ads, meaning Google was able to provide Twitter ads on Google ad servers, and was even able to integrate tweets into Google search results.

3. Google and Twitter have different vision and goals
Twitter is a social media platform and nothing more. At first glance, the idea of Google acquiring Twitter seems appealing, but based on Google’s acquirement history, Twitter breaks the trend. Google takes pride in acquiring companies who strive to help innovate and enhance technology. Unless Google is able to make great changes with the help of Twitter, Google simply won’t benefit from acquiring them.

There are plenty of reasons why Google should and should not pursue the acquirement of Twitter. Maybe in the future Google and Larry Page might be serious about acquiring Twitter, but as for right now we can only watch our Twitter feeds and wait to see what groundbreaking developments will occur!

Do you think Google should acquire Twitter or, should they let another company like Facebook acquire them? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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