July 2, 2015

Tek This Out: 4th of July Edition!

An American Bald Eagle in Flight with its Wings adorned with the american flag.
Happy Independence Day Eve Eve, everyone! This Saturday is July 4th, the day that we celebrate this wonderful country becoming an independent. While we typically engorge in barbecues, beer, fireworks and good company on this fine day, keep in mind that there is another interesting aspect to Independence Day that shan’t be ignored!

You know what’s as American as baseball and apple pie? Good old fashioned hard work. Americans continue to work harder and harder around the clock to make ends meet, and that includes weekends and holidays. For all business owners out there or anybody focused on developing his or her own brand, the infographic below will be of use. Don’t forget the importance of branded 4th of July content on social media!

 Fun facts are always great, and what better place to show off your knowledge than at a barbecue? For instance, did you know that the tune of the National Anthem was originally used by an English drinking song known as To Anacreon in Heaven? Did you know that 97% of U.S. imported fireworks are from China?

No fun fact is more important than knowing holiday content brings in 1.5 times more engagement than any other category. You could always study the entire history of the Declaration of Independence, but these facts about content creation will last much longer than that 3rd hot dog. Happy 4th!

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