July 13, 2015

Google Search Adds a New Knowledge Graph Review Feature

By Nick K. 

Throughout the years, Google has continued to find innovative ways to enhance user experience with answering search queries. One of Google’s greatest search advancements was the development of the “Knowledge Graph,” which they began compiling back in 2012. The Knowledge Graph is primarily used to answer specific search queries in a visually appealing way. Most of you have already seen Knowledge Graph results before. A Knowledge Panel filled with info on a celebrity, topic, famous person, or retail item appears to the right of your search results, as you can see below. When searching for a purchasable product, for example, relevant information about the product searched will include “brand, price, and type of products to its store outlets.”

Recently, Google has further upgraded their Knowledge Panels so that they now include customer review scores and snippets of customer testimonies answering common questions like, price, features, and quality. True to this kind of Knowledge Graph results, it can only been seen when searching for specific products, such as an iPhone 6 or a Samsung Galaxy S6. This new product review section is located at the bottom of the Knowledge Panel. 

Screenshot from Google.com 

This latest upgrade for the Google Knowledge Graph results is exactly what users needed: fast, accurate information all in one location to help create a more effective and successful search results. Google provides helpful comments from real customers, although many users are unsure how Google is selecting the comments that are displayed.  

This update also adds to the importance of businesses having positive online reviews about their products and services. Online reviews are the best hook for gaining potential customers’ interest online, and especially on mobile devices. In fact, according to Search Engine Land, last year almost 90% of consumers trusted online reviews when deciding to visit a particular business.

All in all, Google has done a nice job continuing to improve their search engine results page. It will be interesting to see what new innovations and adjustments will be made to create a more efficient search engine and outstanding user experiences.

Do you like the Google Knowledge Graph Panel changes? What further improvements do you think Google should add to their Knowledge Graph to enhance user experience? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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