July 15, 2015

Google Feeds Your Shopping Addiction by Launching the Purchase Feature

The Google Logo at their headquarters in Mountain View, CA.

By Lauren C.

Do you have a secret online shopping addiction? Thanks to Google, you no longer have to hop to and from different websites like Amazon, Fry’s, or Oriental Trading Post to feed your hunger for the latest hot products. Google finally unveiled a new feature that allows users to make direct purchases from Google Search results, so your shopping experience became much simpler. You and millions of other online shopping addicts can finally make a purchase directly from Google-simply through the click of a mouse, or a tap of the finger.

The Tek Team talked about the Buy Button feature that Google was looking to unveil this past May. After some time, Google announced that they named it “Purchase,” and details regarding the feature are finally being relayed to the public right now. Basically, when you see an advertisement for a product that you’re interested in on search results, you will be able to click on the product and select a checkout option to purchase the item.

So far, there are about a dozen participants in the Purchase feature. If Google succeeds in this endeavor, the hope is that number will rapidly increase. Here are four other new features that Google is launching that cater towards shopping addicts:

1. Deep Linking Apps from Shopping Ads. If you have an app from a specific retailer on your phone, your application will open up directly if a product from that retailer is one of the options on your search results.

2. Adding Conversational Voice Search. Users will now be able to ask Google Now a shopping related question and an answer will be pulled up. For example, you can ask to see a different size of a specific shirt that you like, and the search results will show your specific size.

3. Google Adds Review Cards. When users ask for specific reviews on products they like, a review card will show up in the search results.

4. Google Will Rank Based on Reviews. Depending on the types of reviews a specific product has, Google will be able to rank different products in their search results. In other words, the most popular items will show up first, according to customer reviews.

Google Uses Map Data to Activate Shopping Features

Furthermore, if a user wants to actually visit a retailer to find a product, Google will allow you to search local stores to make sure the product you want is in stock. Google will use GPS and map data in order to make this feature work. Google will also use the map data to give retailers information on how they can optimize their AdWords so users are more likely to go from searching data on their mobile phones, to making an in store purchase.

What questions do you have about the Google Purchase feature? Will you be utilizing it in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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